Display Method

This setting is only available on Windows and Linux.

Shotcut uses OpenGL technology to draw its user interface and display video. OpenGL is typically implemented in the GPU of your computer and its driver in the operating system. These two pieces (Shotcut and the UI library it uses) and the OpenGL implementation need to communicate using a complex protocol. Sometimes, they do not communicate well and have compatibility or interoperability problems. Thus, there are some workarounds:

  • use only software using a library called Mesa 3D. While this is known to be very compatible, it is much slower since it is not hardware-accelerated.
  • on Windows, convert the OpenGL protocol to DirectX (Direct3D) using a library called ANGLE. While this is typically hardware-accelerated, Microsoft provides an automatic software fallback of its own called WARP.

If you choose Automatic, Shotcut’s UI library chooses one of the options based on the model of your GPU, and usually that is OpenGL. You can see what Shotcut is using by looking in View > Application Log… from the main menu. Then, after about 100 lines, look for the lines start with

[Info ] Mlt::GLWidget::initializeGL

If you see the following, then it is using DirectX:

[Info ] Mlt::GLWidget::initializeGL OpenGL vendor “Google Inc.”
[Info ] Mlt::GLWidget::initializeGL OpenGL renderer "ANGLE…

If you see the following, then it is using Software:

[Info ] Mlt::GLWidget::initializeGL OpenGL vendor “VMware, Inc.”
[Info ] Mlt::GLWidget::initializeGL OpenGL renderer “Gallium 0.4 on llvmpipe (LLVM 3.4, 256 bits)”

This setting corresponds to the key opengl in the configuration file or registry.

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Here are some Shotcut Display Method Registry files for Windows. After you extract or open this zip file, there are 3 files:

  • Shotcut use DirectX.reg
  • Shotcut use OpenGL.reg
  • Shotcut use Software GL.reg

Double-click any of them to set the Shotcut registry setting for Display Method to the corresponding value. This is very helpful if Shotcut is unable to startup because you changed it to an incompatible mode, or the default mode is incompatible.