Requesting Support (2020)

Need help with Shotcut? Please read this whole tutorial before submitting a request/question as it will save you and the volunteers in this forum a great deal of time trying to solve the issue. Obviously if it’s bug related, the most information possible is going to help you and Shotcut’s further development. If it’s something feature or filter related, some information obviously is needed, included a screenshot and/or a copy of your MLT file, which can be uploaded on the forum.

This forum is comprised of volunteers (actual people who use Shotcut) with a few developers, who are also very dedicated volunteers on this project. The more information you can provide will help others who search the forums find solutions to their problems as well.

  • Shotcut Version number ( in Shotcut - Help/About Shotcut)

  • Shotcut Settings

    • Video Mode
    • Display Method
  • Operating System

    • Windows 10, 8, 7 (Windows Key - System Information) (32/64 bit?)
    • Linux
    • OSX
  • Computer Specifications (In Windows, hit the Windows Key, type “system”, hit enter)

    • Processor. Example: i7-7700k, 4.20GHz, 4 Cores, 8 Logical
    • Installed Physical Memory (RAM). Example: 32.0 GB
    • Available Physical Memory (RAM). Example: 21.7 GB
  • Screenshot of Shotcut

    • If you’re new to the forum, you’re limited to just one screen shot or image file to be posted, and posting screen shots is encouraged, preferably of the entire Shotcut window showing us by having the appropriate tabs opened where exactly you’re having an issue. Just drag & drop the image into the window you’re creating the topic in. If you need to show more images, use a service like Dropbox, then post the link in here.
  • Source File(s) Specifications (Files you are using to make your video)

    • Codec/Extension types ( MP4, MOV, AVI, PNG, JPG, etc.)
    • Resolution (examples: 1280x720, 1920x1080, 3840x2160, etc.)
    • Frame rate (examples: 60fps, 59.94fps 30fps, 25fps, etc.)
    • Bit rate (examples: 3224kbps or 3k, 12052 or 12k, etc)
  • Export File Specifictions

    • Export preset selected
    • Entered Advanced (Yes/No) (If Yes, what did you change)
    • “Use hardware encoder” checked (Yes/No)
  • MLT file Save your project to the mlt file, and drag the file into here.

Did you watch all of the Tutorials? Yes/No? Many common questions are answered immediately from the tutorials.

Did you read the FAQ? (Frequently Answered Questions) Yes/No?

Did you search the forum for your issue? Yes/No? Many times there has been several posts, literally within the same week of the same issue you’re having, searching may answer all of your questions immediately. If it did, tick the heart of the post that helped you. If you searched and found a post that matches what you’re experiencing reply to that topic and provide specifications to further aid in help.

Post Type. Try to determine if your topic is really a Bug or a Help Request. Shotcut is programmed a certain way. Various aesthetics are not the same with other programs. Just because it doesn’t perform the way you expect it to doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bug. If you’re a first time Shotcut user, the Help/How To option might be your best option to pick from. All posts have the same priority.

Provide steps that anyone could follow to recreate the problem. This is so very vital to getting the help you need.

Follow up. If you solved your issue either on your own, or by someone’s response, please provide feedback by replying explained what worked for you, and mark the appropriate response as “Solved” so others can follow and learn.

Proper punctuation and grammar. Please try to use proper punctuation and grammar in this forum. Many times is very difficult to decipher what someone is trying to explain without it. This is an international forum as people are using Google Translate or some other type of translation software to learn how to work with Shotcut. I doubt misspelled words do not translate very well to other languages.

Need help finding Windows 10 information?

Click here

Finding Windows 10 information is simple, but the huge screen can be something people may tend to avoid, so I’m going to just highlight the area of the information needed.

Windows Key, then type in “System Information” and you’ll get this screen. All that is needed, is what’s highlighted in green. Maybe not so much the actual “Build” number, but it may help out developers in determining issues with a certain Windows build relating to Shotcut.
The Available Physical Memory is a major one, and will go up and down as you use your computer, or programs are being run in the background. Best results, restart your computer to get the best possible reading for Available Physical Memory (The only one with a green arrow).

Turning off Anti-Virus programs will greatly improve your Memory issues.

This is a re-write of an outdated tutorial posted in July 2018.


Error openGl 2.0 files missing but checked libegl.dll libglesv2.dll d3dcompiler_47.dll are in the root.
Can’t update further the driver ATI radeon xpress 200.
System is win7 32 bit

Please open a separate topic. This topic is explaining how to request support to clarify your problem and in what environment Shotcut is used.

but now I can’ find how to open a new topic

Go to the home page: and click on the +New Topic link at the top right.

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I used the link you provided to make a new topic but I couldn’t find the +NewTopic anywhere. But my question is: can you edit a video on shotcut without having it downloaded? Example: I have made a Livestream on YouTube but I forgot to record it and I wanted to know if I could just edit it without downloading the video. Thanks

No, it must be a local file.