Unable to make quality video

Hello! I’ve been using Shotcut for quite some time. Right now, I’m trying to make educational videos. I have a prerecorded high quality WAV audio track. I record a PowerPoint presentation in time with the audio with SMART Recorder, which is software that comes with my department’s Smartboard. This video plays just fine in VLC, but when I put it into Shotcut, the timing of the video is all off. I wonder it it’s because the frame rate on the video is so low. I use FormatFactory to convert the video. Then, it plays back just fine in Shotcut. I combine my audio and video tracks in Shotcut, but now when I export in Shotcut, The beginning and end of the video has streaks in it. It seems like everything I do produces a crappy video. I’ve tried this multiple times with various setting in SMART Recorder and FormFactory. Any suggestions?

I do not know if I can help, but it would be good if you provide more details about your problem.
In this link the motivations are better explained.

Try disabling parallel processing.

Sorry for being such a newb. I’m using Windows 10 and Shotcut 19.04.30. Sorry, I couldn’t find the parallel processing option

If I go back in the process to where the problem begins, this is where I think the problem is. The video that my screen capture makes is 8 fps. The video plays fine in vlc, but when I put it into Shotcut, the video and audio get misaligned a lot.

If I set the frame rate as high as possible in the screen capture software (20 fps), the audio and video get misaligned only a little in Shotcut.

This seems like it might be a limitation or bug.

Here’s the most recent version of my file where I was able to reduce the misalignment as much as possible.Dynamics.mlt (7.0 KB)

My bad. The option is in the advanced tab of the export panel.

From the info you provided that doesn’t seem to be the problem.

There is an option on the clip properties tab to Convert to Edit-Friendly Format. Have you given that a try? My guess is that the 8fps is a max frame rate and the actual video is recorded with a variable frame rate. Many screen capture programs use variable frame rate because it can save an enormous amount of disk space for things like slide decks that don’t change the screen much. However, variable frame rate does not play nice with a constant frame rate timeline like Shotcut or any other editor.

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