161 new transitions - using "Mask:From File"

Hi folks,

I searched the net and found 161 short matte (black and white) MP4 video clips which can be used to create interesting transitions in SC using the Mask:From File filter.

I’ve collected them together in to a folder and categorised them into 7 subfolders -
Brush and Paint Strokes (24 designs)
Circles and Clocks (28 designs)
Lines and Rectangles (56 designs)
Other Shapes and designs (Honeycombs etc) (16 designs)
Splat and ink transitions (13 designs)
Squares, Diamonds and Grids (20 designs)
Triangles (4 designs).

Here’s a short demo video I made showcasing some (not all) of the transitions:


I’ve made a tutorial PDF with information about what matte video clips are and how to apply them in Shotcut:
[Matte transition video files explanation and instructions.pdf (968.6 KB)

I’ve uploaded the whole collection of MP4s for anyone to download on my Google Drive here:

Please note: as far as I am aware they are all copyright-free for anyone to use. Should this not be the case, and I have included some copyrighted designs in error, please let me know and I will immediately remove them from the collection.


Great work! Thank you for sharing! :grinning:

I decided to move this to the Resources category. Thanks for sharing it!


Thanks !

I’m trying to make these transitions work, but apparently I’m doing something wrong, even though I’m pretty sure I followed your tutorial to the letter.

** EDIT ********************************
Well I fixed the problem… :roll_eyes:
It didn’t work because the folder I created to put the matte files in had a “#” as a prefix. I use this prefix sometimes for sub-folders I want to be on top of the list. It looks like Shotcut doesn’t approve the way I organise my files :laughing: Anyways, I simply removed that # from the folder’s name and everything works fine now.
**** END *********************************

Ah, OK, thanks for reporting that - glad it works for you now. I was baffled too as to why it didn’t work!!

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Great work!

I need these transitions thanks.

:gift: Early Christmas present.

Thank you

I admit the possibility of user ignorance, but I am having a problem downloading the folders/files from Drive. I click on “Download all,” the dialogue comes up saying it is zipping, then declares ready for download… But then they do not download and I do not see any way to tell it to. Can someone help? Thank you.

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Hi @dlampel, just worked OK for me. Clicked on filename, selected “download” from dropdown list. It zipped, then downloaded.

Thank you, jonray. Using Chrome what worked for me was to open each folder and then download each individual file. Then it didn’t ZIP, but just downloaded the MP4. Thank you for this excellent resource.

woah… this is awesome!

BRILLIANT. This will really come in useful when I put together the videos I intend to make of the trip to Japan my wife and I are going on in April.

This works very well, and it is a gateway for me to make my own transitions!
A small issue: at the end of a masked clip, if I do another build-in transition, the mask will show up again. how to get rid of it?

Cool! If you make any, perhaps post them here?

BTW a few months ago I made a tutorial about how to make custom transitions by using other programs:

Not too sure what you mean, can you elaborate?

@jonray oh yea I am an old school flash animation maker, so making the black-white short video is limited only by imagination. If I make any exceptionally good ones surely I will post. I love your method of “copying” the transitions from any other video editors you are a natural life hacker (smartass) :rofl:
BTW you have such an appealing voice in your youtube video enjoying listening to it.

I made a screenshot, it explains better:

In the OP I attached instructions :wink::smile:
Matte transition video files explanation and instructions.pdf (968.6 KB)

You’ll need to split your clip on V2. Make it exactly the same length as the original matte file. All explained in the pdf!!

LOL, made my day! Rest assured I am often more “ass” than “smart” :joy:
(Any smartness I do have has been gained from the wealth of information and knowhow freely given by the folks on here - to name just a few @sauron, @elusien, @drm, @samth @Hudson555x, @dvs, @Austin, @brian, and many others (sorry, can only mention 10 users in a post (more is not allowed), probably missed out some obvious names, sorry if I have…) and of course the big man @shotcut:smiley:

Thank you!


Brush and Paint strokes transitions 1-24.


Circles and Clocks transitions 1-28.


Lines and Rectangles transitions 1-56
Used Emboss with Blend Mode filter on a few images.


Other Shapes and Designs 1-16
and Splat and Ink 1-13


Squares Diamonds and Grids 1-20
and Triangles 1-4



Wow, fantastic, @sauron!
I love the classy photos. Nice idea to add an artistic border.
This is a great resource to preview the transitions. Thank you.:+1:

But most of all, the music to your video 1 is ace. I thought… is that Chopin? Hmm, don’t recall hearing or playing that one…
so I screen captured your video, exported from SC as an mp3, ran it through Audio Tag - and found out it was BILLY JOEL!!
Opus 5, Waltz 2 (Steinway Hall) from the album Fantasies and Delusions.
40 years a music teacher, and I had never heard of it… will be looking into it. THANKS!:+1: