161 new transitions - using "Mask:From File"

It’s his last studio album. Thought it was fitting for the brush strokes.
When I get a chance I’ll make a preview of the rest of the transitions.
HNY to you.:+1:

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Thank you again for the Billy Joel music. PS I just googled to try to find the piano sheet music to Waltz 2, and it’s there but his name has been changed to William Joel! :stuck_out_tongue: Crazy!!

OMG that would be great! :+1:
HNY to you, to!! :fireworks:

EDIT: Good luck with the “Lines and Rectangles - 56 designs!!” It’s a lot of transitions :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

So COOL! Thanks! :+1::smiley:

Yes, I could do it… but I noticed that for it to work correctly for me, I had to ensure that “Invert” was ticked as per Step 12 image! Not sure if this is mentioned in the instructions. Capture

Thanks for pointing this out, @Johnny_Debt. Yes, most begin with a solid BLACK colour and end with WHITE. Some may start with white and end with black, though, in which case “invert” would be required. Should have put that in the instructions :smiley:

In the next version of Shotcut 20.02, you will be able to use these in transition clip > Properties > Video > Custom…


Neat idea, Dan - thanks!

Cool addition!

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Thank you Jonray!

Thank you, Hope it can be used in the next SC update.


Merci !

Thanks for this nice tip @shotcut
How about adding it to the opening post @jonray ? :wink:

Wow! these are REALY cool!

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What a wonderful resource, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

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Thank you @Yseesee - I appreciate your feedback! Have fun with the transitions!

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thnx soo much!!
I have also used ur 8 transitions
which u sent before

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Thanks for this, it actually explained how I can create my own matte filters for my projects! Not to mention a lot of those look fantastic. I can now make my own legendary star wipe haha.


:slightly_smiling_face: @jonray Thank you so much for the transitions and great tutorials on your YT channel.

Here’s one of your tutorials showing how to use these transitions : - SHOTCUT - how to make and use CUSTOM TRANSITIONS from other video editors - YouTube

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Thank you, @Devin_Chopra. I posted the transitions a long time ago! Great that you are still making use of them!