New transitions (please)

I wish that in the next version(s) there are more simple ready-made transitions and text effects if possible.

Like screen breaking transition, screen folding, etc…
Text wise, words falling, shattering, screen wiping…

I do appreciate the already existing transitions, but every time I try to replicate a certain effect or make a lyrics video, I find myself having to watch a 30 min tutorial.

It’s not very practical when you’re editing on the fly.

So you’d end up using the basics only like fade in/out. move screen left/right. dissolve. blur or manually move. easy and accessible.
and that’s why.

Thank you

It is relatively easy to apply a “transition” using the “Mask:From File” filter. @jonray has produced a PDF of how to do this, along with 161 files that giive various different transitions. See:

Admittedly, this is slightly more complicated than the in-buit transitions, but it is still relatively easy to accomplish.

For animated text I used to use the Text:HTML feature (that no longer exists), but I still use HTML/CSS/Javascript and record the action using OBS. See here for examples:

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Thank you! I remember actually watching a similar tutorial of his where he used black and white images (called it luma files) to add to custom transitions. This seems to be more extensive though and there are videos, I’m going to try them out and of course, do the tutorial! Thanks again.

I’ve been learning Shotcut for more than a year actually watching all the tutorials I can get since this is my first editing software. And it still feels a bit off having it be really advanced in animating keyframes and all, and yet complicates simple things like transitions.

For example, I imagine that if to do a lyrics video like this one using Shotcut: EMELINE - cinderella's dead (Lyric Video) - YouTube
I would have to spend a week on that. doable but definitely not easy especially for new people who just want to click to make something happen.

As for the Html stuff… they’re too complex for me, thanks for sharing though, I might try them out and see if it’s easy for me.

In transition Properties, there is a Custom… option where you can use the files mentioned above as well as Shotcut - Resources

In the next version this is already improved to provide a link to that page, an instant preview, and the ability to save the custom as a favorite so that it shows up in the list for the next time you visit transition properties. This favorite function is also available in Mask: From File and the Slideshow Generator.

One of the big problems with the HTML integration was a lack of visual tools. The Text: Rich video filter and Glaxnimate integration were added to replace some of the HTML capabilities.


This is great. Trying to produce an all-singing all-dancing transition feature is unlikely to work and would require a lot of effort that could possibly be best expended in producing other features. Building on already established mechanisms like this to make them more usable is almost certainly a better way to go.

Of sourse if we were talking about Adobe Premier Pro, that has hundreds of developers, it might be a different matter.

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Well, that’s really nice, I guess this solves the difficulty of having to recreate complicated transitions each time. Thank you. I love shotcut’s updates and the commitment is really commendable.
I still have issues with text effects. As even basic ones I spend a lot to create.
For instance:
Type writer text effect. (I write text in a notepad, then delete it and record this with a screen recorder, then I import it to shotcut and create a reverse video, then I import the saved file again.)
2- once I figured to show the text gradually using mask, and there was multiple lines. So multiple masks. after I was done I discovered for some reason that I can’t move mask from left to right completely to reveal the text from left to right, so I settled for moving the mask from top to bottom.
3- I wanted to do a text revealing for the title of my video, and that meant, mirror filter, opacity, spr and time…
4- Once I wanted to have each letter slide out… I figured I would need several text filters and lots of keyframing

In fact, I do believe that simplicity is good and one of shotcut’s strong points. as too many options make programs heavy and the users confused. However, I do believe that those basic text effects are needed especially for new users.

I understand though that there are more important fixes and features, I just wanted to make the suggestion.