Prproj files


I wanted to ask if prproj files are compatibile with shotcut?

No, prproj is for Adobe Premiere Pro, shorcut has its own native project file format .mlt

It is different applications, with different feature sets and way of doing thing, so the project formats are also different

I just read this yesterday


Ok thank you, i wanted to download some packs with transitions… i’ll search for ones with .mlt then

You might want to read this post:

Most transitions do not need or should not need something as complex as a template. You can download some additional transitions for use with Properties > Custom from our web page Shotcut - Resources
Many other transitions are simply a video that goes between two clips. Often the video has an alpha channel or green background that you key out, and basically this video sits on a track above two neighboring clips.

See also Transition in the forum.

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