Photo transitions

Is there any way to put photo transitions in my videos? Maybe on filters or somewhere else?

Can you share an example like from a YouYube video of what you’re asking?

Yes. Just apply the photos the same way you would apply the videos

If you need an example, use the slideshow feature.

I mean like on powerpoint. when you can put some sort of animation in the transition of each slide or each image.

Having created a transition between 2 images or videos, select the transition and click the properties tab.

You can choose a range of transitions or even use a custom one.

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You should check out this tutorial.
This might be what you’re looking for.

And this is where can find them to download.

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I didnt knew it was possible to import more transitions, thank you!
and the tutorial helped me to do the transitions too so thanks for that also.

thanks, i didnt knew that combining the videos togheter could make a transition.

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