Left-over of transition


After you make a transition, if you move a clip, a left-over remains as you can see above the image. I can remove it manually, but I’d like to let Shotcut to remove it automatically. Is there an option for that?

Another question is that I found there are not so many transition option. How to get more of them?
Thanks in advance.

@jonray demonstrated how to get many more transitions (161) in this post:


No, you need to delete it yourself, and the best places to look for things is the Resources page of the main web site, and the #resources forum category, which has a tag for #Transition .

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Just out of interest, what are you trying to achieve? If you move a clip away from the transition, then delete the empty space your clip will end up next to the transition again? Why would you do this?

A moins que l’espace créé soit du au fait que “Ripple All” soit activé et donc qu’un clip déplacé sur une autre piste crée cet espace non désiré.

Unless the space created is due to the fact that “Ripple All” is activated and therefore a clip moved to another track creates this unwanted space.

Awesome! Thanks for that!

Great! Thx!

Well, it happens occasionally and I was curious if there is an option.

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