Export Resolution same as cropped, source video



I want to add video to timeline, crop it and export it with the resolution as the cropped image. How to do that?

I can only set the export resolution by hand, which is really inconvenient. To do this, I need to find out the resolution of the source image, then substract cropping border values, and then set the result as export resolution.


I have the same need and I can’t… quite… figure out how to do it in shotcut.

I want to take an existing video, crop it, and export it at exactly the cropped size. Basically exactly what this page does: https://ezgif.com/crop-video

Select an area, press crop, and :boom: bam I have a video of just that smaller cropped area.

I figured out how to add and use the crop filter thanks to this forum, but no matter how I export the final video I get crazy results. :frowning:


Shotcut does not have a simple cropping function like that as it is designed for working with multiple sources each with possibly many different sizes/resolutions. There are other tools that are designed for single files like converters that do that. Shotcut works like a desktop publishing program with a page size or a drawing program with a canvas size. But, you can accomplish it. After you determine the final size you want you need to use Settings > Video Mode > Custom> Add… to change the canvas size and then Crop.

Given the way it works, it is not easy to determine the output size by cropping within Shotcut. Instead, you can open the video file in Shotcut, choose File > Export Frame…, open the frame in an image editor to determine the output size, use Video Mode > Custom > Add… in Shotcut, re-open the clip, add the Crop filter, adjust, and Export. You might find the “Center” and “Center bias” options of the Crop filter handy in this workflow.


I realize this is a common need, and I will move this topic to the Suggestions category with the hope to make it more convenient in some future version.