Export Resolution same as cropped, source video

Shotcut is much more flexible than those clock-and-go picture editors; to achieve this flexibility, it gives the user many different controls which must be set to get whatever effect is desired.

To do what you have stated (which is very different from the usual use, but well within Shotcut’s capacity), you would first, before loading any video, set the video mode to the output size you have specified…


…and proceed onwards from there.

You can now zoom in to the part you want (what you have been describing is a zoom) and the output will be the same 260x450.

after step 5, you should add a step, in source mode, filter->size->to make picture fill the new canvas. then go to step 6.

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(just signed up, but using shotcut for this was very frustrating)
Wow after struggling for nearly an hour, I download Avidemux and even though I’ld never used it before I accomplished it in a minute. FWIW I’ve been using shotcut > 5 years off and on.

Not to through shade on the programmers, esp since noones getting paid. But it definitely could be improved

Thank you so much!

I edited a whole video with a “Crop: Rectangle” filter. I am trying to do pan and scan. There is a girl dancing in my video from the left to the right of the video. I am trying convert this video to portrait and keep the girl in frame the whole time by having the frame follow her around. I did this using keyframes. So I’m not needing just a stationary cropped part of the video exported, I’m needing a cropped part of the video that moves around.

Now I when I try to export it, my cropped section is just a tiny section inside the original sized video with black space filling the unused part of the video.

The workaround posted here was broken sometime back when preview scaling was added. It was never an intended solution. A proper, supported solution (including an interactive rectangle control) was added for the next version 23.11.

See Apply to Source in the Crop: Rectangle filter. Here are steps to crop a single video file: