Export only crop resolution problem

Hello, I’m trying to export cropped video without any success. Shortcut version is: 22.12.21
I tried both:

  1. Adding clip + filter Crop: Source then Settings → Video Mode → Automatic // this returns original resolution and removes crop ( it remains with weird values but video is not cropped ).
  2. Creating project + adding clip then filter Crop:Source and Settings → Video Mode → Automatic

No matter I do it does not seem to work properly. This should be simple why it’s not working?
All the time in export resolution is 1080x1920. What am I doing wrong?

Video mode should be the final resolution you want.
If you want vertical video then choose 1080x1920 when you start the project (from this point on you never change this anymore).

Then you add your videos to the project and you’ll see black bars, this is where you use the Crop filter to choose what to show and what to hide.

I did that but if I try to export movie it’s with that bars + resolution is not changed to crop it’s still 1080x1920.

A few screenshots would help out as at this point I could only start guessing.
Does the video look right in the Shotcut video area?

@daniel47 here You are: https://photos.app.goo.gl/jAZSysBqgDMGJbwx7

Sorry for delay.

This is a relatively frequently asked question, and searching the forum reveals a couple of solutions:

That’s one way, but crop:source should work, you just have to use a CUSTOM video mode after cropping, and set it to the same dimensions as the cropped video (automatic video mode will not work).

See this post for instruction on how to perform the cropping you are trying to do:

If you do not need to do any video editing, then I recommend Handbrake for this simple cropping operation.

I think one piece of information that’s probably confusing right now and might help you figure out the steps (along with the links provided in other comments) is that you need to know in advance what your final resolution will be and you will need to change the Settings -> Video Mode -> Custom -> Add to that value (type the same numbers in resolution and aspect ratio).

So you must decide if you want vertical video in HD (then type 1080x1920) or if you want square video (type 1080x1080) etc. Automatic video mode will not help you here,

Here is what you need to type if you want a square video of 1080x1080 resolution.


After this change, use the Crop:Source filter to crop videos around in your project and just export with default settings (export resolution will automatically match your project resolution - you probably never want these to be different).

Hello, I know many tools ( ffmpeg, avidemux etc…) to crop it outside Shortcut but I thougth that this is so simple case that should be supported inside this application :).

Mate see my post here a few days ago.

Yes its something that could be greatly improved

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