Crop: Rectangle

Crop: Rectangle is a filter used to crop a specified region of a video clip or image file to the current Video Mode. Keyframes available with this filter.

Filter can be applied to Source, selected clip, Video Track & Master.

  • Preset: Save current settings for later use. To use later, just click the drop-down menu for selection.

    • Preset storage (Windows) : AppData\Local\Meltytech\Shotcut\presets\webvfxClip
  • Position & Size: Values can either be input by keyboard or adjusted by the adjustable border corners and center.

  • Corner radius: Apply a corner radius to the cropped selection. Can be adjusted by the slider bar, entering a value, or just click & scroll on the percent value.

  • Padding color: Default is set to Black with no opacity (Alpha channel = 255). Any padding color can be selected and alteration of the Alpha channel can all be adjusted. You can also pick a color using the eye dropper tool.
    Tip: To adjust opacity, lower Alpha channel from 255 to 0.

Example #1:
Video Mode 1920x1080, Image 1920x1080, Padding Alpha channel set to 255.

Example #2:
Video Mode 1920x1080, Image 1080x1350, Padding Alpha channel set to 0.

Note: Documentation current as of version 20.04.12

Maybe I can’t use the crop filter properly but it seems that it doesn’t do anything. I have a footage whose real content is smaller than the footage’s dimensions. I want to get rid of edges. So I crop. And I export. The exported file still has the edges. If the footage has dimensions like 1920x1200 px and the real content is like 1920x1080 px then I want to get rid of the unnecessary edge so that the final video has the dimensions 1920x1080 px having only the real content and no edge. How to do that?

You have posted to a documentation post. You might want to start a new Help post on what you want to accomplish.

There is no need for a crop, it will automatically cut the edges, just adjust the position.

Crop doesn’t show because it is already outside of the viewport, you have crop even more to see it affecting the edges.


Before Editing change the project dimension to 1920x1080 instead of automatic.