Subtitles- help


I still can’t figure out how to add subtitles to the video in Shotcut. I’ve read in other topic instructions about adding text filter etc. but it still doesn’t work, text doesn’t show up and even if it did I don’t know how to add text in multiple points in single track and how to limit it’s display time.

Copy Paste bug maybe?


The thread below will be useful. My tutorial (One World) describes the principle of how to add text. Watch the last half of the video for this.

Also, you may like to look at this short video I just made (see below). No commentary, but it shows how I added titles to my video, and it should give you a good idea of how it works.
Each of the pink “boxes” has 2 filters, opacity (set to zero) and a text filter. You can position and resize the text just how you like using the text boundary box in the text filter. I have added a fade in and fade out to each box but you don’t have to. Also I have overlapped my text boxes but again, not necessary - you can have the subtitles just on one track. Hope it helps. Jon

Here’s the exported video from the above screen capture:


I also made a short tutorial for adding subtitles in Shotcut. It might be useful. Keeping all titles in the same font size was a problem first, but I figured out that it is easily solved by placing the dummy line full of spaces first.


Watched your tutorial. Clever trick with spaces.:+1:

Got a question. When I use copy and paste I get this result.

How is it that when you copied and pasted the subtitle clips V1 did not get split??:confused:


Nice video - the trick with adding dummy spaces is ingenious! Wish I’d thought of that! Thanks for posting this, it will help me greatly! Jon


Hi sauron, my guess is that “Ripple all tracks” was off in the tutorial. Also, just a suggestion - I mostly use the down arrow icon when pasting - the paste icon acts as an “insert” and shunts all other clips along a track, the down arrow doesn’t.

Copy Paste bug maybe?

Hi! Thanks for the feedback guys!-) Sauron, you have to select the track you want paste to: a) Left click any clip on that track and move after that the time line cursor in the place you want, and paste. b) Or left click the icon box of that particular track on the left (tiny empty area on the right of the lock icon). Move after that the time line cursor in the place you want, and paste. If the cursor is in the middle of the some clip on that track, that clip will be splitted.
I always use the textfilters as a part of the dummy black video clips which have a track of their own (the top track usually). That is the most flexible way to use texts in videos.


Yes “Ripple all tracks” is the culprit. I also use the down arrow “B” a lot. The paste issue and splitting the clips was really frustrating and irritating me. Thanks for finally providing a solution.:slight_smile: :+1:


No problem, sauron, glad to help.

Yes, the “paste” icon INSERTS the copied clip INTO the track at the playhead, shunting other clips along the track, whereas the “down arrow” PLACES the copied clip ONTO the track, without affecting other clips.
I think of it like this: the “up arrow” LIFTS a clip off the track, and the “down arrow” LANDS a clip onto the track. The term “LAND” is my own invention, and may not be the correct term for it, but it helps me to understand the concept.


"… the “down arrow” LANDS a clip onto the track."
You are right, the down arrow seem to be the most safe way for paste in any case.


Actually the “down arrow” does affect other clips. If the playhead is on a clip, the clip will be over written.


Ah yes, you are right, sauron. Thanks. My turn for a “D’oh” for not noticing that :grinning:


To embed a text on a clip:
-select the clip
-click on the tab “filter”
-click on the sign “+”
-in the list of video filters choose “Text”
-On the video player automatically appears a time code ex: 00: 01: 06: 04
-in the left window in front of “text” replace # timecode # with the desired title.
-The size of the font and the positioning of the text on the image is done by moving the frame with the mouse.
the text is present for the duration of the clip
to appear only on a portion of the clip just isolate a portion of this clip between two cuts.


Thank you all for the help :slight_smile: