Copy Paste bug maybe?

Don’t know if this is a bug or intentional.

When copying © a clip on video track 1 and pasting (V) to track 2 the clips on track 1 are shifted to the right. It doesn’t make sense that pasting to a different track should affect the track below it. This seems odd.

If track 1 is locked this does not happen.

Solution to this post was provided by jonray

I’m having this exact problem, but honestly I don’t understand the supposed solution. Can someone walk me through this? How do I paste to a new track so that the clips on the other tracks aren’t shifted around?

Ripple all tracks is on.
Uncheck it.

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Aaahhh yes… thank you :smiley:
didn’t realize it’s “all tracks”, as it indeed says right there. For some reason I thought of it as “all clips in the selected track”.

Can you do that btw.? ripple only the clips on a single track?

Turn on ripple trim and drop.
When you move the clips on a track all the clips to the right of the selected clip will be moved left or right.

If you have ripple all tracks on you can prevent tracks from rippling by locking the track.

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Thank you very much for the explanation, my work just became much easier :slightly_smiling_face: