Subtitles- help

My shotcut is 190914.
I open my .mp4.
I go to the correct time.
I click on “filters” then “+” then “video” then “text: simple”. I suppress the “#timecode” and write my single line of commentary. I modify the colour of this single line. Now, the subtitle is good for me.
How can I setup the duration of this subtitle ? Many thanks

  1. You open the keyframes panel by View > Keyframes. I do not know how the initial setup is, since I moved the panel. I think it was a separate tab below the timeline.
  2. Make sure the “Text: Simple” filter is selected in the filters list.
  3. Use the vertical handles in the keyframes panel to adjust the start and end point.

    Another way is to open a transparent colour clip by File > Open Other > Colour. Insert the clip by dragging from the preview into the timeline. Add a text filter to it and then change the length of the clip.

Open other
0 four times
Ok ok

Text simple
Color pink : I see the subtitle and its duration is good for me

Add video 1
Transfert of this slide to video 1

Add video 2
Open mp4 file
Transfert of this mp4 to video2

play : I see mp4, but without the subtitle

Missed !

Would this short tutorial video make the process clearer? I had no time to add a voiceover or subtitles, but it may give you an idea of how to do it. If it’s still not helpful for your needs, I’d appreciate if you could be polite about my efforts to help you :grinning: !! Thank you.

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Just as a picture paints a thousand words, this video shows simply, easily and without any ambiguity how to add a subtitle. Well done Jon.

Many thanks for your footage. If you compare your actions (your footage) and my previous (very detailed) response, have you seen any difference ???
What’s your version ?
I create my subtitle (with colour #000000 or #ffffff), I have -like you- V1 and V2, I do what you show and unfortunately I do not seen my subtitle !
I work with a mp4 with sound but I’m sure that the sound is not the reason of the miss !

If this is what you did, then you have the two tracks in the wrong order. The MP4 video should be on track 1 (V1) and the subtitle on track 2 (V2).

Where can I simply deposit a footage of what I make from the beginning to the end (of this miss) ?

hi @p7m13, your subtitle needs to be on a transparent background, not a colour. is this the problem?

PS version is not the problem, I’m on 19.10. Sound isn’t the problem either!! :grinning:

for me the html must be #000000
I test that right now with subtitle in video 2, not 1

I recorded my screenshot with ShareX (other screen capture software will also do the trick), then edited it slightly in Shotcut, exported then uploaded to Hope this helps…

i try with my first #000000 (many times already tested) , convinced that #ffffff is bad

i try, beginning with my sounded mp4 and ending with my subtitle . It’s the only difference with all previous tests ! And, now, that works fine !! Thanks for the help
If you do exactly the same things, beginning with your subtitle and ending with your footage, you don’t see the subtitle : for me, it’s a bug

Try this slowly:

Have your background clip on V1.
Add another track (V2).
Open Other
OK (note: do not click colour again…)
You will see a black preview screen. (it’s actually transparent but it appears black).
Drag the preview screen to the timeline (track V2).

Then… add a text:simple filter to this clip and change the text as you like.

Then position the clip where you like, and stretch/unstretch it to change the duration.

Well, I’m glad you got it sorted. I have calmed down now - a relaxing coffee helps, :grinning:!!

It isn’t a bug. Whatever is on V2 will obcure whatever is on V1 - that is the way most video editors work. So:

  • If you have text on a transparent background on V2 you will see this text overlaying the video on V1;

  • If you have your MP4 video (without any transparency) on V2 it will totally obscure anything on V1.

@p7m13 - After re-reading your earlier post I think I may have over-reacted a little - I was having a bad day!! So for that, apologies.

Also thank you @samth for your supporting comments in your reply afterwards.

I was irritated by the response you got after posting such a detailed comment, so I had to support you. It seems that the recipient was inadvertently rude and we both misunderstood that.
Anyway, it is good to see that the issue got sorted out.

NO soucy. You all fell from birth into the kettle of English. Not me. So, after reading a big stone of English commentaries and it doesn’t work after, I’m tired.
Now, I try to add many subtitles in the same footage, using only one slide. Maybe I’ll hit

FCOL. Here’s a project with subtitles. Look at it and figure out how it works. Subtitling is one of the easiest things to do.

Subtitles.mlt (11.4 KB)

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Nice demo @sauron. Let’s hope that solved it for @p7m13:wink: :grinning: