Horizontal flip transition

A type of transition I needed for a project:

To create this transition, follow the instructions bellow:

  1. Insert 2 clips, side by side on the same track.
  2. Split one second from the end of CLIP 1
  3. Split one second from the beginning of CLIP 2
  4. Apply Corner Pin to SPLIT 1 with these parameters:
  5. Apply Corner Pin to SPLIT 2 with these parameters:
  6. Done

If you need a faster transition, just make the SPLITS shorter.

If you want to duplicate the transition elsewhere in the project:

  1. Repeat steps 1 to 3 above.

  2. Copy the filter from SPLIT 1 of the original transition and paste it to SPLIT 1 of the new transition

  3. Copy the filter from SPLIT 2 of the original transition and paste it to SPLIT 2 of the new transition.

It should probably work on any video resolution, aspect ratio and frame rate.
Don’t hesitate to use the comment section if you need additional info.



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@MusicalBox, thank you for this excellent and useful tutorial Please do keep them coming!! :grinning:

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Great. Well done. These are quick and useful tricks.
Thanks for sharing.

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Great job!

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Thanks for the comments @sauron, @jonray, @ejmillan and @bentacular


very nice and worked 100% into shotcut preview but not after export … any idea what to do ?

You’ll need to provide a little more info @ConteudoAnimal
It didn’t work at all after export ? If so, please provide the same screen captures as in the tutorial above (if possible)

Did it kind of work, but not as expected ? If so can you provide a video for us to see ? AND screen captures.

MusicalBox … thank for help

On shotcut worked 100% fine … I exported and posted on youtube

… transition on [7:40] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HEneWw06cRs&t=461s and 19:07

I did a preset to use on last sec of first clip and another to second clip … I tried to use into another video and numbers are completed different from original copied from this post :-((((
And I tried again and

I have no idea why this transition works fine in your Shotcut previews but not after you export the project. I did several tests including using different resolutions and aspect ratio and all my exports were perfect. Screen captures, like I asked in my previous answer, would really help us to pinpoint the problem.

Make sure the playhead is on the FIRST frame of the clip before you apply your preset.

I will this transition on my new videos till get all set and working fine !

Thanks for this tutorial, it works wonderfully
well done.

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Sorry… I don’t know what you mean here… is it fixed ? Does it work now ?

Thanks. I’m glad it works for someone :wink:

it is not fixed from my side … I will keep trying till I get sucess !!!

Merci beaucoup. Ca marche pour moi.
Thanks for this. It works for me. :grin:

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Nice and clear tutorial.
There is one thing, related to my eyes (with glasses): In the “Corner Pin” filter, could recognize 50% and 30%,
but not sure if there is a 130% or 120% and 70% or 72%.
And after setting the parameters of the filter, can I save both to use them some other time ?
Thanks again.

Yes, save them as a PRESET by clickig on the ‘+’ sign as shown below:

Hi @Motim
Just in case you don’t know: the images are reduced in size on the forum. You can click on each one to see them at 100% size.

If you still have difficulties reading them at 100% here are the parameters shown in the images of step 4 and 5

Parameters of Step 4

Corner 1X   50.00%
       1Y   30.00%

Corner 2X   50.00%
       2Y  -30.00%

Corner 3X   50.00%
       3Y  130.00%

Corner 4X   50.00%
       4Y   70.00%

Parameters of Step 5

Corner 1X   50.00%
       1Y  -30.00%

Corner 2X   50.00%
       2Y   30.00%

Corner 3X   50.00%
       3Y   70.00%

Corner 4X   50.00%
       4Y  130.00%
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THANK YOU SIR…strong text

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