GMEC Super Saturday

Just a quick little video of some highlights from an event I attended (as safety officer) taken over the weekend. I didn’t have time to do a proper planned event video due to the aforementioned responsibilities, so nothing fancy to see here folks; instead, I tried to keep it relatively clean and simple with no fancy transitions. But if you like trains, clowns, and kids having fun…

Oh, and thanks also to @MusicalBox for the mini tutorial on creating a spinning 2d logo. I already knew how to do it in theory with corner pin, but your numbers saved me some trial and error, and probably a fair amount of frustration in the process, so for that I am most grateful!


Looks like you had some fun… great day out for the kids. The spinning logo was great. can we have some of your weather? :wink:

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This looks like a fun event indeed. I didn’t know about this scale of train modeling. Are they powered by the track or they each have their own batteries?

Every train but one (a really old petrol model) has a battery (some have 2). The correct batteries are expensive, but definitely worth it!


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