Filter Set | Whip Pan transition

This filter set will work properly on projects set to 1920x1080 at 30 fps. You’ll need to edit the filters/keyframes on projects of other dimensions or frame rates.

How to install that filter set:

  • Download the ZIP file below and un-zip it.
  • In Shotcut, go to Settings > App Data Directory > Show
  • If you don’t see a filter-sets folder, create one (use that exact name).
  • Open the filter-sets folder.
  • Move the un-zipped file in that folder. (733 Bytes)

EDIT: The ZIP file above contains only a right to left version of the effect. @jonray also made a left to right version. Grab this ZIP file if you want both versions: (1.9 KB)

How to use:

  • Create a 20 frames transition between 2 clips
  • Select the transition.
  • Go to Filters > Sets
  • Select the Whip Pan set.

It looks beautiful! Thank you, I took it to my collection)

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Oh YES!! Brilliant! Thank you, @musicalbox! But bang goes my Whip-pan transition tutorial on YouTube… :wink: :rofl:

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Thanks @dimadjdocent and @jonray

Mine too :sweat_smile:

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OMG! It’s insanely easy! BRAVO! Can we have a left-to-right one, please? :wink:


Much appreciate the effort of these Filter Sets MusicalBox and dimadjdocent. As these potentially increase in number I’ve decided, to keep track of the process of how to correctly add them to a track.

For me (Windows), I now rename them and give them the extension of .xml (that is what the files are anyhow). When they have the extension means that I can then add an XML comment to the file which gives instructions on how to add to the track. Saves me referring back to the forum to see how to do the transition or if I forget.


That is a cool idea @PaulusMaximus !

EDIT: Apologies, when I tried this it didn’t initially work. When I changed the extension to .xml and added the filter set it then added to the transition no problem. I’ve restarted Shotcut and tried to add the filter set to the transition with the comment still in there and the filter won’t add now. I’m not sure why a legitimate xml comment doesn’t work. Sorry for the misguidance.

Putting the comment at the bottom of the .xml file seems to be more reliable.

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Don’t forget, folks, my collection of “whoosh” sounds is still there on my Google Drive for free download. Perfect for whip-pan transitions! :

Here’s my original post:

Here’s a quick demo (same video as above with added whooshes):


Merci @MusicalBox. Cette ancienne transition regagne une vraie jeunesse :muscle::muscle: et devient tellement facile. Une triste pensée pour tous les vieux tutos obsolètes :cry:

Thanks @MusicalBox. This old transition regains a real youth :muscle::muscle: and becomes so easy. A tear for all the old obsolete tutorials :disappointed_relieved:


Thank you, @SergeC ! @bentacular has done one as well… so he’ll be sad… but no doubt pleased how easy this transition can now be made with filter sets.

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Yes, @bentacular has done the first, with an image created in Photoshop. I had done the Gimp version. Let’s all cry together😢


@Jonray From left-to-right, simply invert the Yaw values in the 360:Transform filter (360 and -360).

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You dont really need to add the .xml extension.
You can leave the file as it is (with no extension) and simply add your comments right under
the <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> line.
Works for me.


Yes, I played around a bit more and realised the xml extension isn’t required though Notepad++ auto-templates the xml making it a bit more readable.


Thank you @SergeC , I will do that!

I don’t know if that could be possible, but it would be a nice feature if Shotcut could detect
the <!-- COMMENT --> part of the file.
When hovering the mouse on a filter set, the instructions could be displayed in an info bubble.

:roll_eyes: :innocent:


I think I’m missing a step. I’ve been dragging the file in the folder, but I’m not seeing the whip-pan filter set



Did you re-launch SHotcut?

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By the way @bentacular

Why do you have all those sub-folders in the filter-sets folder?
You should only have the filter sets files in there

I added the Sets Archive folder myself by the way. I use it to store the sets I don’t use often.