Gore Model Engineering Super Sunday!

Here are some quick highlights from the Gore Model Engineering Club opening day. I didn’t plan on making a video and it was a last minute decision, so there was absolutely no planning involved (yeah I know, my bad). I did use a couple of filter sets and the stinger, many thanks to @MusicalBox.


Nice, @PoisonedSlice . Great day out for the kids … and grown-ups too… :upside_down_face:
I recognise most of those filter-set transitions! Not to forget to mention @musicalbox’s text effect either…

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Good job, @PoisonedSlice. I like the… muscular… railway switch. :grinning: :+1:

Thanks Serge;

The setup they have running is very effective and popular. I don’t know a lot about model trains (chess, tennis, and skydiving are my preferred leisure activities) but from my anecdotal observations kids seem to have this weird affliction with mechanical moving objects, especially those they can ride.

And I’ll be honest - that was a relatively lazy video.

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Hi Jon,

Yes indeed, among others. This one also:

I considered using one of yours from this group:

I like the one at 11s but I already had enough transitions and didn’t want to get too heavy handed with effects. It is installed now and ready to go, so I will be sure to use some of these in my next project (probably the Josephville Hillclimb in November). Thanks!

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No problem at all! Look forward to the “Josephville Hillclimb” movie! :smiley:

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@Jonray; what a way to put the pressure on mate! It probably won’t be any better than last years if I’m being honest, other than some cool transitions (provided by the likes of yourself) that suit motorsport.

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I get a depressed vibe from that.

Technically, I see it coming from the milky overlay, you need to fix your lens.

The subject depicted is too family-friendly for me. By that I mean that nothing exciting is happening, everything is safe and boring.

is it possible to makes these great transitions available in 4k 30 fps?

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