Filter Set | JR Transitions Pack - blur/stretch/zoom plus white flash

I’m joining in with the current “filter-set CRAZE!” …

…with 5 more newly-designed transitions…
These are 3 filter sets using fairly simple combinations of blur/stretch/zoom to give smooth modern transitions between clips.
Also two filter sets giving a “white-flash” effect - one long, one short.



All filter sets are designed for projects at 1080P, 30 frames per second.
Set your transition length for the number of frames specified in each file-name (listed below).
Transition type: see note after each filename below.

(Transition type: DISSOLVE).

(Transition type: DISSOLVE).

(Transition type: DISSOLVE).

(Transition type: CUT - set at 50%).

(Transition type: CUT - set at 50%).

How to install this effect:

Shotcut - Settings - App Data Directory - Show - filter-sets (unzip the contents of the archive into this folder).
JR Transitions Pack - blur stretch zoom white (4.0 KB)

Enjoy! :grin:


Excellent job. Thank you very much @jonray. :clap::clap::clap:

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Thank YOU, @SergeC ! Hope you can make use of them.

Of course :computer::computer::slightly_smiling_face:

Looking good @jonray ! :+1: :+1:

I’ll test them tonight

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Thanks @musicalbox.
Filter-wise, they are quite simple. Just combinations of blur:box and SPR. For the white Flash transition I simply adjusted the white balance in the “Levels” filter. Nothing too complex…

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Great set! Looks beautiful!

This proves that you don’t always need tons of filters for popular and great looking transitions.
I just finished playing with your pack. (… I mean your filter set pack of course lol)
All keepers! Very useful.

Maybe two remarks about the whiteflash-45-frames set though:


I made the transition 1 second + 15 frames (45 frames)
Transition type: Cut
Position: 50%

I see this in the Keyframes panel:

There are 11 unused frames at the end of the transition clip. So in reality, the duration of the effect is only 1 second + 2 frames (32 frames).
Wouldn’t it be better to use a 1 second transition instead?


The 2 images should switch when the Levels filter reaches it’s maximum intensity, but the second image appears 3 frames after the Levels filter starts lowering in intensity:

Here’s a modified version, on a 1-second transition

And, one (small) remark about the blur-horizontal-ONLY-12-frames set

There is a ghost keyframe outside the right-hand side of the transition

What a relief! :wink: :smiley:

Your testing is more meticulous than my creating! Well done, yes you are totally correct. Good idea.

Again, yes, I was sloppy. Thanks for being on the case!

So there is! Again, this needs deleting. Thanks for the detective work, Inspector Clouseau…

Inspector Clouseau

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