Filter Set | Whip Pan transition

I did.

I have no idea. Should I just delete them?

I don’t know to be honest. On my computers all those files and folders are located one folder back

Yeah that would be useful. I suppose it being XML, one would really have an element specifically for the purpose.

     Create a twenty frames transition between two clips. Select the transition. Go to Filters SetsSelect the Whip Pan set
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Faites la manipulation que @MusicalBox a décrit dans ce post.
Cela va créer le dossier “filter-set” et c’est dans ce dossier que vous mettrez le fichier.

  • NOTE IMPORTANTE: Quelqu’un a commenté sur YouTube qu’il ne voit pas le dossier filter-sets dans son Shotcut App Data Directory . Je pense que ce dossier n’est probablement ajouté au répertoire que lorsque vous créez votre premier ensemble de filtres personnalisés . Donc, si vous ne voyez pas le dossier filter-sets , procédez comme suit pour le créer :
    • Ajouter n’importe quel clip à la chronologie
    • Appliquez un ou plusieurs filtres.
    • Cliquez sur le bouton Copier les filtres cochés .
    • Entrez un nom dans la boîte de dialogue et cliquez sur OK pour enregistrer le jeu de filtres.
  • Quitter Shotcut
  • Dans App Data Directory , ouvrez le dossier filter-sets .

Perform the operation that @MusicalBox described in this post.
This will create the “filter-set” folder, and that’s where you’ll put the file.

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@bentacular Hi. follow these instructions


Thank you all! Yeah. It looked like the other folders prevented Shotcut from showing the filter-sets.

Thank again!

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Nice and easy and good looking, thank for sharing

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Hi @musicalbox, I took the liberty of amending your filter sets (using @SergeC’s suggestion of inverting the Yaw values in the 360:Transform filter (360 and -360)) – to include both a L-R and a R-L movement version.
MB_TRANS__Whip-Pan_20frames_1920x1080_LEFT_and_ (1.6 KB)

whip pan filter sets MB screenshot


Hi @jonray and thank you.

The SP&R filter also needs to be edited.

At the end of my original version (right to left) the SP&R filter de-stretch the image from right to left.
So in the left to right version, the SP&R filter needs to work the other way.

Of course, this happens so fast that the difference is barely noticeable, but… you know :wink:

Here’s the new ZIP, with the SP&R filter fixed. (1.9 KB)

I edited my original post to include the ZIP with the 2 versions.


Great. Thanks. This is a very clever set of filters.

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Filter sets could be a game changer in being able to provide users with something like transition plug-ins like other video editors. I attempted to do it using MLTs but it was clunky. This may be the better route.


Agree totally. I wish I had more time to play with these filter sets myself but at the moment it’s hats off to the likes of @musicalbox, @dimadjdocent, @Kamigeek , @david.lyon and others I have failed to mention (sorry)… for pioneering this and being so creative.
The idea to add a filter set to a transition (@dimadjdocent ) was a particularly game-changing idea, I think.


This idea came to me rather banally: I just started to wonder how the transitions are made in other editors and came to the conclusion that it is in the transitions that they covertly sew up their filters. I really hope that this idea will be further developed, and new filters will appear in the shotcut to create new ideas. By the way, I made my transition effects frame-by-frame from YouTube videos where these effects were applied. I compared each frame with a reference and made it myself, because of this I have so many keyframes and filters to get as close as possible to the result.


Bravo, sir! A Shotcut pioneer… :grin:

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I don’t know if by Notepad++ auto-templates you meant turning THIS:

Into THAT:

But after a bit of search I found that to do it, I needed to install the NotePad++ XML Tools plugin.

If anyone is interested:

Go to Plugins > Plugins Admin…

  1. Make sure the Available tab is selected,
  2. Go near the end of the list and select XML Tools
  3. Click on the Install button.

After the plugin is installed:

  1. Open one of your Filter Set file in NotePad++
  2. Got to Plugins > XML Tools, and click on Pretty print

That’s brilliant. I was going to write in and ask if there was a way of doing that…

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I knew you would. Knowing how busy you are, I thought I’d save you the trouble :wink:

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@jonray if you prefer Visual Studio Code, it can also format the code lines.

It also needs an extension.

Go to the Extension tab

Type format XML in the search field.

You’ll get many suggestions. I chose the first one I saw:

After the extension is installed:
Use the shortcut Alt+Shift+F to format the code of the opened document
Right-click anywhere in the editor and select Format document.
The first time you may be prompted to indicate what extension to use.

Thanks @MusicalBox. I’m buying :credit_card::dollar:

About your suggestion, I found this site that extracts HTML comments. (Hashtag needed at beginning of the line)

Give it a try, it’s fun.
I don’t know if programming this is difficult…
I don’t know if Shotcut’s architecture allows it…
but it would be great if a mouse-over or right-click could display a tooltip.

Merci @MusicalBox. J’achète :credit_card::dollar:

Concernant votre suggestion, j’ai trouvé ce site qui extrait les commentaires HTML. (Hashtag nécessaire en début de ligne)
HTML/Javascript/CSS Comments Extractor - Online Tool
Essayez, c’est amusant.
Je ne sais pas si programmer ceci est difficile…
Je ne sais pas si l’architecture de Shotcut le permet…
mais ce serait effectivement génial si un survol ou un clic droit de souris pouvait afficher une info-bulle.

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