"Failed to open" error message after updating

I put in about 30 hours into a project that I apparently can’t open in ShotCut now. I’m kinda freaking out, and if anyone could help me, I would greatly appreciate it.

vrchatiscool.mlt (360.2 KB)

I think that’s the .mlt, please help lol

This file is corrupt and it has nothing to do with the upgrade. The only way to recover is if you have a backup. You can read more about it by searching here on “NUL” or the web in general on “windows file null character” to find something like this. As far as we can tell this is not due to a bug in Shotcut but something in the way Windows does caching or hardware. Shotcut first writes a temporary file, verifies it valid XML, and then renames it to the name you provided.

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So, if I were to make a future project, would it just randomly corrupt and there’s no way to fix it? Like, what should I do differently next time?

I have files dating back to the late 80’s, over the years I have lost many of these files due to hard drive failures and data corruption. I have yet to experience this with Shotcut, but I have seen this multiple times in this forum with people with this type of corruption in their MLT file. The file looks like this, and you’ll see somewhat the same if you open it with Notepad. This is viewing with Notepad ++.
notepad  _2020-05-01_15-35-47

What you can do next time is use “Save As” and put date on the end of your file name.

You can also copy the file from one drive to another drive or folder.

Don’t trust hardware/software to safeguard your data ever. Having multiple backups on different devices is the only way to protect your data. Personally I spend many hours per month backing up date 2x to 4x depending on the data I wish to protect. I’ve had several drives/media devices fail in my lifetime and suffered a lot of data loss from not doing backups.

Sorry to bother you again, but I tried creating a new project and that got immediately corrupted. Now ALL my projects are corrupted. What should I do?

Copy all of your MLT files to another drive.
Then copy your files back to another folder to open them in Shotcut.
This way you have a master set of MLT files as a back up.

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