'Failed to open' mlt file need help urgently for history project

Hello. I have a history project that I made on Shotcut that went missing. I saved it multiple times but as I went to finish it, it didn’t appear on my projects, and it won’t open the mlt file. It says “Failed to Open”. Can’t remember the previous version I had (which is the one I made it with), but the new one (19.08) also has the same issue.
Is there anyone that can help?
Here is the file
Germ233historyproject.mlt (110.0 KB)

The project you uploaded has been corrupted. Not fixable.
You’ll have to revert back to your last saved version, if you have one.

This is what your file looks like with Notepad ++:

Thanks for the help. Is there any other way I can recover the lost content or should I start over?

Can’t repair this file.

I do advise strongly that when working on projects, ever few hours or at least once a day, do Save As, and create a new file name, like put a date and time in the file name. The MLT project files are very minimal in size.

If you don’t have a different save file, the only option is starting over.

Thanks for the quick help. Will definitely be recommending shotcut to my mates!

In your first post you talk about version 19.08 being the new one. This version is way out of date. The latest stable version is 21.03 that can be downloaded here: Shotcut - Download

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