"Failed to open" file whilst it worked fine yesterday

Hi, I’ve been working on a video using shotcut and everything went fine until today. As soon as i wanted to open the file today, Shotcut gave me a “Failed to open file” notification. I saved my file as I did usual the day before and now it can’t be opened

Heres the file:
secondvid.mlt (443.4 KB)

Is there anyone who has an idea what could have gone wrong?

Your file is not recoverable.
You’ll have to use a backup copy if you have one.
This is what your file looks like in Notepad ++
When it should like this:

You can read more on it here:

In the future I would advise you to do File > Save As after you initially save the project. This allows you to save the file to different folder/file locations along with changing the file name.

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