Failed to open mlt file errorr

been editing this vid for the past few hours i saved it because i had to restart my computer i tried opening the mlt file and its failing to open,There is zero spaces in the file name someone please help spent a lot of time on this vid heres the mlt file plz helpnof.mlt (139.4 KB)

Your file is not fixable.
notepad  _2020-08-03_09-56-41

Note to self: Keep a backup of my most important Shotcut projects.

Not just a backup, doing a Save As every time you start or every hour.

When you do a Save As Shotcut prompts you to save with a different file name, and the current project takes on that new name, leaving behind the old file intact.

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Good point. I learned computers in high school back in the 80’s, and our teacher was a guy that started out on the old card reader machines back in the late 40’s. He’s still around and is quite tech savvy. His advice to us back then stands up today: If it’s important, back it up. If it’s really important, back it up twice.

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