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There was a recent thread for this but it was closed on Dec 14th and i did not find an answer for my question. I had not updated my version in awhile. Prior to updating I was able to change the aspect ratio of a project simply by opening another mlt file of the desired aspect ratio as a clip.

Project in 4:3 > open mlt as clip that’s 16:9 > poof the project would change to 16:9 whether I added the file/clip to the timeline or not then I could zoom the 4:3 project in the timeline to fit the 16:9 screen and adjust it vertically to a desired position. This worked in reverse as well. I had templates saved for this purpose.

This is not possible with this new version. All it does now is insert the mlt file video in it’s ratio 16:9 into the aspect ratio of the project 4:3 and doesn’t resize the project. The properties work around distorts the image. Is there a reason this was changed?

There are times when I want to create a video in both aspect ratios and the method I described made it so easy and each ratio was saved in it’s format.

Change the Video Mode. A custom mode can be created if a non-standard aspect ratio is needed.

Thanks for your reply but this is not relevant. I am aware of how to start a project in an aspect ratio and I have already read the info your citing. As stated I had the ability before to change it during editing at will by the method described and that method no longer works. It’s become such that I need several versions of shotcut due to functionality changes that I’m asking why were altered. if there is something I can do in settings to return said function to it’s previous state that would be helpful.

This was reported as a bug last September and fixed. I guess you were using it as a feature.

I believe this was unexpected behavior for most users - who would sometimes accidentally open an MLT clip with a different profile. This could be an area for improvement. For example, we could warn the user when they open an MLT clip with a mismatched profile.

The video mode can be changed during editing, too, from the Settings menu. Importing an MLT clip was actually a longer way to do the same thing.

As for why the change was a good one, it’s because the outer MLT should control the final export settings (aspect ratio) rather than be thrown into chaos every time a random video or MLT clip is imported.

Well that makes sense and thanks for the explanation. A bug can be made a tool perhaps? It is a great convenience for a bug lol. I stumbled across this “bug” by accident and thought OH WOW this is AWESOME! It’s also reversible by opening another file in the previous ratio. I appreciate all the work people put in this app and if I had the skill set I would gladly pitch in but I don’t.

It’s been discussed plenty on how to change aspect ratios of projects.This little golden nugget was found by me to do just that at any time and thought it was by design due to the need for such a thing. Could both be on the menu like “open mlt as clip retain project aspect” and “open mlt as clip use mlt’s aspect.” or can the “bug” function by itself to simply change aspect via drop down menu or something?

My only resort at the moment is to build a lossless copy in one ratio then open a new project in the desired ratio then zoom to fit but at lower resolutions, 640x480 etc lossless really isn’t lossless. At least not H.264.

Thanks for your time.

I think that both @Austin and I are curious about why you do not just use Settings->Video Mode. This is exactly what is it intended for. You can easily switch back and forth between modes. If there is not an exiting video mode to meet your needs, you can make a custom video mode.

Thank you. This is what I was hoping to learn. The settings menu. Much appreciated.

I wasn’t aware of the settings menu option and that’s what I was fishing for. Thanks

Glad that works for you. Much respect to you for finding an alternative way to change aspect ratio without the Settings menu! That’s some creative problem solving there.

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I overlooked it I guess because its in “settings” which seems to me an unlikely location for this tool.

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