Please test the BETA for version 22.09

I would like to give @TRA a shout out for kicking butt this cycle with the amount of fixes he contributed. :+1:


Thanks, DRM.

It’d be better to include the fixes I made in the list of fixes, changes, and additions for this beta, so that forum members can know about them and test them if they choose to do so. It’s not like those fixes are regression free and need no testing.

I’m experiencing a crash that doesn’t happen in 22.06.23 and prior versions.
This is pretty complicated. Basic summery is that Shotcut can’t process a transition that contain a Size, Position, and Rotate keyframe if it’s a newly loaded file and the in point has gone past 00:00:00:00.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Launch Shotcut.
  2. Open a video file. Color clips don’t work.
  3. Create a 5 second clip on the Source tab in the player.
    The in point has to be somewhere in the middle of the video, so that it can be extended later.
  4. Bring the clip to the timeline.
  5. Create another clip in the Source tab in the player. Length doesn’t matter.
  6. Bring it to the timeline next to the clip in 4.
  7. Apply a Size, Position, and Rotate filter to the first clip.
  8. Set two advanced keyframes at 1 second and 4 seconds.
  9. Save the project.
  10. Close Shotcut.
  11. Relaunch Shotcut.
  12. Open the project mlt file.
  13. Move the first clip rightward for 2.5 seconds to make a transition, so that the second advanced keyframe is part of the transition.
  14. Trim the in point of the first clip leftward until it reaches the 00:00:00:00.
  15. Move the playhead to the transition to view it. Shotcut crashes at this point.

Tested on Windows 11.

There is a link at the bottom to the full change log.

I really liked the changes in the video transitions section.

It is nice…

La police de certains éléments des menus hamburger est bizarre

The font of some elements of the hamburger menus is weird
Mac OSX 10.14.6

That weird font means that the entry is disabled. A menu entry might be disabled if it is not available in the current context. For example, maybe the filter does not support simple keyframes.

Je comprend, mais dans la version précédente les éléments de menu désactivés apparaissaient en grisé ce qui est pour moi plus compréhensible et surtout bien plus esthétique.

I understand, but in the previous version the disabled menu items were grayed out, which for me is more understandable and above all much more beautiful.

That is a good observation. I have fixed this for the release.


@brian, would it be possible to add entries in the custom shortcut dialog for “copy filters” and “paste filters”? It would be very useful to be able to set up a keyboard shortcut for each of these especially when I am copying and pasting filters to multiple clips in a project.
At present there are only 2 entries for “filters” - add and remove.

filters shotcut shortcuts

Is the gopro2gpx a custom build specifically for shotcut? I’m using the new Export GPX from the properties hamburger menu and the output .gpx is invalid as the time field is truncated to the milliesconds part I believe:


I’ve tested with python from and that script seems to write the time correctly (it’s not the same point in my screenshots, there’s different precisions so couldn’t quickly find a direct point to point comparison):


I can’t provide a full .mp4 sample right now (the only files with GPS enabled are multi GB in size) but I’ll try to make some quick/short samples in the evening or tomorrow.



Wow, thanks @brian - that’s fantastic news.

I have an interesting use-case:
I have a whole track full of subtitles (individual text clips). Say 50 clips. I want to add a fade-in and fade-out to all the clips in one go.
I open a transparent clip and apply a fade-in and a fade-out.
I select it and copy the filters.

What I plan now to do is to set up an AHK script which does , in a loop if required…

Paste filters,
Select next clip…
Pretty simple but it automates what would be a very tedious task.
A stop-gap until a “paste filters to all clips” feature is added to SC.
Thanks again @brian.


Here’s a full .mp4 10s test clip from my gopro 7 @ 1080p24 (30MB) link

Yes, we build it but do not revise it. I am not going to integrate the python script because it requires a python interpreter (we only include libs currently) and it requires a separate gpmf binary extraction step. We can fork it though to make a bug fix.

I opened this thread before in order to bring up the lack of Alpha Operations that would make masking something like text on a transparent clip easy and intuitive:

It’s a shame that the decision was made to close the thread after I simply asked if softness/feathering could be added because there was an observation I made not long after which I wanted to post about there but I will now post here. If you apply Mask: Draw (Glaxnimate) on transparent clip, then you cannot use Blur with with the Alpha Channel: Adjust filter because instead of blurring the edges it will blur the entire image. Demo.

So while it’s good that the Alpha Operations were added to Mask: Draw (Glaxnimate), it not having any kind of way to blur or soften the edges essentially makes the addition of the Alpha Operations a wash since you would have to do the long workaround of copying the clip twice like I demonstrated in my thread above in order to do any kind of blur/softness/feathering on a transparent clip. Feathering/softness/blurring edges in masking is a staple function because it allows the user to not have to be so precise with the masking.

Other issues:

  • Seeing as how the filter search has been modified to include keywords, can the " : " not be made a factor that would affect a search in a whole? For example, if you search “Blur Pad” nothing will show up only because " : " was not typed in. However, it may still be useful to type " : " by itself in order to bring up all the filters with variations. Can both be achieved?
  • Is it on purpose that the shortcut keys are no longer in the tooltips for each button on the Timeline Toolbar and Keyframe panel? I realize that the shortcuts keys have been made editable but I wonder if the shortcut keys in whatever form they are in can still appear in the tooltips.
  • Shouldn’t Settings also include a listing for the actions listed in the Keyframe panel menu?
  • While the left Simple Keyframe seems to be working fine, the right Simple Keyframe button is totally buggy. Demo.
  • Apply a filter with keyframes and add some keyframes either in the middle or towards the end of the clip. Split the clip on the left side and make a transition by dragging the left end over the clip on the left side. The keyframes will be moved all the way down and can even end up being erased. Demo.
  • “Scroll to playhead on zoom” is not working with the Zoom slider in either the Timeline or the Keyframe panel. It works with the magnifying icons but when you actually use the slider itself it does not work.
  • The “Cancel” option is missing in the new menus for Timeline, the Keyframe panel and the context menu Clips in the Timeline.
  • These two shortcuts for the Ripple functions are not listed in Actions and they are not working in this beta: 1) Toggle Ripple mode and all tracks - Ctrl+Shift+R 2) Toggle Ripple markers, mode, and all tracks - Alt+Shift+R
  • Since things would the menus are being redone in this version, how about making the change to put “Add Video” above “Add Audio” in the Timeline menu? It would make more sense as it would reflect the fact that Video is above Audio in the timeline.
  • Selecting tracks in the Timeline by pressing up and down is not working when in the Source tab or when you switch out of Source and into Project by pressing P. You have to actually click with the mouse in the Timeline to get up and down working to select a track.
  • The Replace option is not working when you select a gap between clips both by pressing the R key or in the context menu. Demo.
  • I suggest having the transition preview automatically stop if the user starts playback in the Timeline. This to avoid any lag issues.
  • And I don’t know what this is about: Demo. It never happened before.

Anything not included is out-of-scope, and you are breaking the posted rules for the beta. You re-raising this here pisses me off. Do not reply about this here.

can the " : " not be made a factor that would affect a search in a whole?

No, that would ruin performance, and people need to be able to search exactly the way it appears.

Is it on purpose that the shortcut keys are no longer in the tooltips for each button


Shouldn’t Settings also include a listing for the actions listed in the Keyframe panel menu?


The “Cancel” option is missing in the new menus for Timeline, the Keyframe panel and the context menu Clips in the Timeline.

That is intentional as they are no longer needed. They were only added as a workaround for a problem that no longer exists.

Selecting tracks in the Timeline by pressing up and down is not working when in the Source tab or when you switch out of Source and into Project by pressing P.

This is intentional. There is less intrusive, global context for some shortcuts especially something as fundamental as cursor key.

And I don’t know what this is about: Demo. It never happened before.

That status message is concealed while resizing the timeline panel by dragging its panel divider. I did not reproduce this on Linux or macOS. It might depend on the OpenGL implementation. In any case, it is a low priority, temporary cosmetic issue as a result of more important changes.

I don’t really understand what you mean. When I am on the Source tab, pressing up and down won’t change the selection of the tracks on the Timeline like before. Okay. That’s an understandable change. But if I switch from Source to Project with P, why do I still have to actually click with the mouse inside the Timeline to select the tracks with up and down? I’ve already switched to the Project tab so why the extra step? Is there a function with up and down after pressing P to switch to the Project tab but without yet clicking with the mouse inside the Timeline that I’m missing?

This is an unfortunate side effect of the underlying changes that were required to make keyboard shortcuts configurable. If we do not limit the scope of the up/down keys to only when the timeline is “active”, then the keys get swallowed up for other situations like moving a cursor around a text box or navigating the filter menu. We do not give the user feedback about which panel/dock is “active”. So the user can not see that the up key will not go to the timeline or some other panel.

At one point I even changed the default shortcut for track selection to be a different key combination to avoid using the Up/Down arrows. But then I changed it back to the arrows and limited the scope to the timeline panel. I am still open minded about this. In general, I think we should avoid using default shortcuts for key presses that frequently have other common uses in applications. In addition to the arrow keys, I would add escape, tab and enter to that list.

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This is fixed in my fork at
It was a bug on Windows only due to using unsupported format characters in its call to strftime() when serializing the time.

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I just noticed an unpleasant interaction when writing text on international keyboards in windows, for example, the standard Romanian (programmer) keyboard (but I assume many international keyboards do this) allows to type characters with diacritics by using the AltGr (the alt on the right side) key + the regular character, so AltGr + i types î, a → ă, s → ș etc, but apparently right alt is behind the scenes a shortcut for Ctrl+Alt which means to type î the full key group sent is Ctrl+Alt+I which is in this version captured as the shorcut for insert video track so I can’t actually type the î character in the Text:Simple filter at all in the beta version.

I realise this complicates the shortcut situation a lot and there’s always the workaround to use a different keyboard layout but maybe the global shortcuts involving Ctrl+Alt not be enabled when a textbox is in focus?