Can this Shotcut/Glaxnimate Intro be improved?

Hi again!
I am curious, given the skills of some of the posters on this forum, whether or not my Glaxnimate intro can be done in a better (cleaner, more efficient) way? I did tidy it up a little, so I am happy enough with it now. I wasn’t before, but I will elaborate on that after I get some feedback.

Here is the updated intro video with different music, much more in the spirit of @jonray. After all, who doesn’t love violins?

And a zip of all necessary files (mlt, logo, music). (2.9 MB)

It’s still only 1280x720 because that’s closer to the size of my screen resolution/recording, but I will convert to1920x1080 tomorrow.

I await your feedback, both good and bad, so don’t hold back.

Music Credit: Ne Obliviscaris - And Plague Flowers the Kaleidoscope


So that whole intro was done in Glaxnimate, huh? :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s really good especially considering that Glaxnimate is still largely unknown outside of the last released version of Shotcut.

Several tutorials can be made just out of what was done in that intro.

If it was all done in Glaxnimate was that just one rawr file or was that several of them put together?

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Wow! @PoisonedSlice, that is one fantastic animated intro and I spent a nice time analysing it! For those who haven’t got time to open the MLT file, here’s a screenshot:

So no, @drm, @PoisonedSlice used mostly clever SPR and crop filters in SC, apart from the revealing box which was done in GLAX. Brilliant!
@PoisonedSlice, being totally honest I wasn’t too keen on the music, preferring the last one I think…
but this is one excellent animation…Bravo …

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Honesty is always appreciated :slight_smile: I’m sorry mate but I was taking the p1ss a little on the music, and I know the last intro was more appropriate. But it is violins, and my preferred music genre will almost never make it into any kind of normal video, so I took a little creative liberty without blowing out any ear drums!

Thank you for the kind words. Really there’s nothing fancy going on, but I’m trying to find ways to do things faster and more efficiently. In large part so they lag less, since an overload of masks and SPR filters mixed with an abundance of key frames really does kill my laptop (I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one).

My mask demo on the animated lines scales and works well and I am proud of that, but after highlighting more than 4 or 5 words the pain involved is too much, and I am so happy Glaxnimate has solved that problem.

The above intro, with the rawr file, despite quite a few key frames and SPRs, has almost no performance issues. That’s as good as I can get it with my current knowledge, but I still wonder if there’s a better way I haven’t thought of.

hi @DRM,
Sadly, as Jon has pointed out that’s a negative. I could do most of the slide ins and animated lines, but not sure about the spinning plus sign or logo fades at this stage. I’m sure it can be done, but I don’t know if it’s worth it yet given ctrl still doesn’t constrain lines to 90°, and for more complicated animations with lots of layers and symmetrical borders, that is a small pain as things stand.

But really, since this is the first time I’ve sat down and spent more than a few days using it, constantly, I’m still learning from the likes of you, @MusicalBox , @Jonray, @Hudson555x , @Austin, @Namna, @Elusien, @bentacular, @shotcut, @brian and I am sure there are others I’ve gleamed things off (apologies for any names I’ve forgotten).


Still a nice intro nonetheless. :slightly_smiling_face:

One thing that is good though about trying more complicated animations with Glaxnimate at this stage is to see what the weakness are with the program and then make those suggestions over at its site so that they can be added.

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Here’s my attempt at reproducing the original @1080p using Glaxnimate for the intro (all text is still done in Shotcut). The process is really quite similar to the Shotcut version; can anyone say key framing??!! :smiling_face_with_tear:

MLT Screenshot:

1080p Video:

Complete Zip: (2.7 MB)


Nice one, @PoisonedSlice! :+1:

Any upcoming tutorial you got in mind? :grin:

How was this process compared to doing it only on Shotcut?

Of course the great advantage of Glaxnimate is that everything produced with it is scalable to any resolution with no quality loss. So that’s why I hope that development keeps going on Glaxnimate because it opens a lot of possibilities.

Quick note but did you mean for the Glaxnimate logo to come in with black instead of opacity?

In any case, good work! Keep it coming!


Yes! I tossed up on that idea, but since I already added the black border to the image, I thought that might be an interesting look (but maybe not?). Check the video again.

Quite similar, but the SPR filter with key frames definitely gives more precise control compared to the way I did it (that’s once again possibly because my way isn’t the best). Although I do have an idea on another way to do the black borders.

I’m happy to report there’s nothing fancy in what I’ve done (hopefully that’s not too disappointing :face_with_peeking_eye:) I learned how to do the key framing from watching @MusicalBox’s demo on how to animate a line with a rectangle shape (using trim clip) from this thread:

If you watch that video and then look at the .rawr in Glaxnimate, most of it should make sense. If there’s enough interest I can do one. But first, I have to figure out how to do something more interesting in Glaxnimate to add to the end of the video, otherwise it is just boxes and lines!


Totally brilliant @poisonedslice. You are a Glax pioneer! Or a Glax Gladiator… ! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :+1:Thank you so much for this eye-opening demo. Keep them coming…


You are too kind @jonray, thank you Sir, but really the accolades belong elsewhere.

Did you notice the music should be more to your liking once again? Take another look/listen please, I think I’ve got the timing better since I first uploaded.

Here’s the original animation (edit: fixed), just in case anyone was wondering!

I updated the .rawr in the above post (part of the zip) so it now has both versions (one is under the backup layer I think). The offsets and key frame numbers took figuring out.

The music is perfect! Timing is great too. When I get a bit of time it would be a nice short project for me to try my hand at composing a short video intro similar to this myself. Just for fun and to see how difficult it is…

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Here is a slight modification that seems more appropriate and dedicated to this forum:

I have another idea that should make this even better (and no, the animated film strip isn’t yet done in Glaxnimate, but that’s on the list). More to come.

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You will be fine and I expect great things from you, given your previous skill set and the fact you’ve demonstrated the ability to learn html/css3 (and some basic Javascript). This isn’t a lot different than learning Shotcut for the first time tbh.

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That’s great! Bravo again.

Oh dear, no pressure then, LOL!

I think you are right. Just need some pointers to get us on our way and you’re providing that.

I’m still waiting for @MusicalBox’s map drawing tutorial (unlike my animated box, that still looks like a job for a bezier line to me so I am really curious how he does it!).

In the meantime, here is Version 2. Getting closer.
Edit: I think this is almost as good as I can get it. I need to learn more in Glaxnimate before continuing further. I added “Final” to the file name, and I swear I’m done this time!


Wow, very creative! Getting even better… :+1: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hi @PoisonedSlice - in the meantime you might find this thread interesting, from a while back …

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Thanks for the link @jonray, an interesting read (and as you already know, I love masks!).

I’ve just made a few small additions and changes to my above video worth looking at also. I think I should post it in Made with Shotcut!

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