Can this Shotcut/Glaxnimate Intro be improved?

Masks, yes - the thing I REALLY love is @elusien’s “Animating Routes on a Map” - it’s genius!!

Great! Yes, post it there! It’s a great example for users (and myself) to aspire to. Great work!

I made this logo animation in glaxnimate. I really like this tool.


Brilliant! :smile: :+1: :+1:

It took me only three tracks for this animation. All the main work is done in glaxnimate. By the way, I noticed a strange bug, if the text in glaxnimate is not converted to lines, then it is absent during rendering, I had to convert the text layers with the “convert to path” button.

Sorry for the delay. As often when I annonce something here, something comes up and I have to put the project on ice for a while. It’s a curse…
I should be back at it in a couple of days.

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