Animated box border drawing for outlining text or graphics

Je vais peut-être enfin comprendre.

Maybe I’ll finally understand. :smiley:

@Namna, have you seen this video?

Timestamped at 6:50. That shows you how to import your video (or image) into Glaxnimate so you can know precisely what’s going on with your drawing. I didn’t do that since it was just a line box - something that is completely scalable and movable within Shotcut!

Avez-vous vu cette vidéo ?

[Voir la vidéo YouTube ci-dessus]

Horodatée à 6:50. Elle vous montre comment importer votre vidéo (ou image) dans Glaxnimate afin de savoir précisément ce qui se passe dans votre dessin. Je ne l’ai pas fait puisqu’il s’agissait simplement d’une boîte de lignes - quelque chose qui est complètement extensible et mobile dans Shotcut !

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Excellent! So I don’t need to transcribe into French?

Excellent ! Donc je n’ai pas besoin de transcrire en français ?

Merci beaucoup, c’est tellement simple que je n’y avait pas pensé.

Thank you so much, it’s so simple that I didn’t think of it.

Ne vous donnez pas cette peine, avec les sous-titres YT traduits automatiquement en français, j’arrive à suivre.

Don’t bother, with the YT subtitles automatically translated into French, I can follow.

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Thanks ever so much for the tutorial. It was very helpful and there are so few Glaxinimate tutorials on the web. Now that my family have gone back to the UK I’ll have more time to play around with Glaxnimate.

I too didn’t realise you were a Kiwi. My wife and I spent 6 weeks over there in 2017, touring both North and South Islands in a campervan. It was one of the best holidays we’d ever had. We loved the scenery and the locals were really friendly. It reminded me of how the UK used to be in the 50s and 60s.

We kept a daily blog as we travelled around. You never know we may have passed through your town. See here:

From my website I see that Auckland is going to get a huge dump of rain in the next couple of days, while here in Cyprus its going to be 32°C with 12 hours of sunshine, hey-ho.

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The method I’ll show in the tutorial is simpler yes.
I will show how to draw an animated route on a map, but the method can be used for a lot of things, including making an animated box border.
You just draw a rectangle, and animate it by adding a Trim Path layer.

The background from Shotcut is visible in Glaxnimate so you can draw directly over the object of your choice, and the rectangle angles are always square.


Vous êtes le meilleur. Il fallait aller la trouver celle-là

You are the best. You should have gone and found this one :+1:

Ah merci, mais je ne mérite pas vos éloges.
J’ai trouvé la méthode sur la chaîne YouTube de MrKamiGeek. Il m’a donné la permission de faire une video similaire, mais en anglais.

Thanks, but I don’t deserve your praise.
I found the method on MrKamiGeek’s YouTube channel. He gave me permission to make a similar video in English.

Décidément, je n’y comprend rien, je n’arrive pas à voir le clip sur V1 dans Glaxnimate. Je rate quelque chose puisque cela marche chez vous, mais quoi ?

I don’t understand anything, I can’t see the clip on V1 in Glaxnimate. I miss something since it works with you, but what?

Hmmm… essayons ceci.
Cliquez sur Save dans la fenêtre de Glaxnimate, revenez dans Shotcut, cliquez sur Edit et revenez dans Glaxnimate

Let’s try this:
When you’re in the Glaxnimate window, click on save before going back to Shotcut.
Then in Shotcut, click on Edit and go back to Glaxnimate.

Non, cela ne change rien.
Que je sauve dans Glaxnimate ou/et dans SC … Rien
Et pourtant les fichiers rawr sont bien dans le dossier projet.
Je peux tracer mon rectangle sur le fond à damier de Glaxnimate, il est bien visible dans SC, mais impossible de voir le clip de V1 (Rich text avec la couleur du texte bien définie)
J’ai essayé avec texte simple, c’est pareil.
Il n’y aurait pas quelque chose à régler dans Glaxnimate par hasard ?

No, it does not change anything.
Whether I save in Glaxnimate or/and in SC … Nothing
And yet the rawr files are well in the project folder.
I can draw my rectangle on the checkerboard background of Glaxnimate, it is well visible in SC, but impossible to see the clip of V1 (Rich text with the color of the text well defined)
I tried with plain text, it’s the same.
Is there anything in Glaxnimate that needs to be fixed by any chance?

@Namna your animation is in the Source player so there is nothing underneath it. You need to put the animation on V2 and click Properties > Edit to get the preview of V1 inside Glaxnimate.

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Je suis d’accord avec vous, mais si vous regardez bien ma vidéo vous verrez qu’à partir de 00:26 j’ai déplacé l’animation sur la piste V2 et que les ouvertures de Glaxnimate à 00:37 et 00:51 n’affichent pas la piste V1

I agree with you, but if you look carefully at my video you will see that from 00:26 onwards I moved the animation to the V2 track and that the openings of Glaxnimate at 00:37 and 00:51 do not display the V1 track

Probably due to a macOS IPC limitation as mentioned in the release notes:

Preview on macOS may stop working due to out-of-resources until reboot.

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Vous avez raison, je viens de redémarrer mon Mac et d’ouvrir le projet SC, la piste V1 apparait bien dans Glaxnimate.
Reconnaissez par contre que ce n’est pas très pratique, si il faut redémarrer l’ordinateur à chaque création d’animation …

You are right, I just restarted my Mac and opened the SC project, the V1 track appears well in Glaxnimate.
But you must admit that it is not very practical, if you have to restart the computer each time you create an animation…

That is not true for me. It has been infrequent in my experience, it does not prevent you from using Glaxnimate, there is nothing I can do about it, and it is not a problem on Windows and Linux.

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Fantastic! I had a little play and managed to get the offset working properly so it starts at the top left:

And then after messing with offset key frames, I discovered you can do this kind of thing (which is possibly where you were heading with your map line drawing)!

Oh là là !
Yes I was pleasantly surprised when that happened.

EDIT: Sorry about the missing lorem ipsum, it’s now fixed (I’d left the colour black)!

The only thing I haven’t worked out (yet) is how to set more than one decimal place on the percentages. For instance, when my line is wider the offset in the first video is fine at 58% and it starts exactly in the corner, but when I made the line thinner, neither 58 or 59% were quite right, and I needed something in between (hence the tiny tail you see). Still, this opens up a lot of possibilities.


First, let me say I’m happy some forum members were able to learn from my earlier attempt at an animated line, even if I was doing it wrong (since I’m usually the one doing the learning it made a nice change).

And yes, I believe it was wrong, since the record button is for moving objects like a ball or a shape around the screen.

So here’s my first attempt at something resembling my previous intro (all in Glaxnimate). It is currently a beta since I haven’t even got the right colour scheme yet (sorry Dan), the initial teal slide in is too slow, and I might make the black lines come down centred on the white strip in the middle (they are slightly offset right now but I was just testing).


Here’s the rawr.
ShotcutIntroBeta.rawr (31.1 KB)

P. S. My numbers are slightly messed up, so that’s next on the list ( unless someone beats me to it)!

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The exact color (and other useful informations) can be found on the Press Media Kit page.

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I didn’t experiment with the Offset parameter. Thanks for the demonstration. This can be usefull.