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Here is something I made.
And I think Shotcut Did a great job on Chroma Key as well as other effects-

Since last time, I started to use many more of shotcut features, such as the playlist, copy-pasting filter settings, subtitles, split audio tracks, overlaying videos on top of another video, and a lot of ripped edit cut across all tracks, thanks for this magic button!

And what the editor looks like:

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Hi @bentacular, I’m feeling hungry now :smiley: Great vid, I enjoy all your videos!! Did you add some colour grading to this, or maybe a LUT? Thanks!

Jonray, I think you’re my only fan lol. Thank you! It means a lot! I did do some color grading, especially because of how dark the restaurant was inside. I’m still playing around, looking for my style so my color grades are all over the map. I have made my own LUTs on photoshop, for mostly the orange and teal look (I can share some). I got tons of other videos on my channel:

I’d love for you to subscribe and tell me what you think. 99% of those videos were cut on Shotcut.

Have a great day!

@bentacular - I do love all your videos!! Subscribed, liked an commented! The only problem is that my comments have appeared as from “Shotcut Short Examples”, not my name (I hadn’t realised I was logged in to Youtube with that account). Sorry about that - don’t think I can change it…

If you are able to share a few, that would be fantastic, thanks!

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Anything for my only fan!

Orange Teal (Bluer)
Orange Teal GoPro (Less Sun)
Orange Teal Desaturated

Thank you for the LUTs! I’m sure you have loads of other fans hiding away somewhere… :smiley:

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More than 110 badminton streams in the youtube-channel: badminton-tips Germany.

I have divided all the badminton-exercises into categories on my webpage:

2015-2017 cutted with other video-editors. but since 2018 all with Shotcut.


I featured your video and screenshot on Twitter for #TimelineTuesday.

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I did not realize I was not following the Twitter account, that’s now done :slight_smile:

MUSIKVIDEO ●C-TEC - ‘She Left’ [DvS Re-Arrange Mix 2000]●

I re-arranged the original Track in 2000 of the industrial-ballad ‘She Left’ which is from the album ‘CUT’ of the ‘Cyber-Tec-Project’.
Singer is Jean-Luc De Meyer a member of FRONT 242.

I recorded the animations from the ‘Winamp-AVS’-visualisations and edited it with SHOTCUT.

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Hello community,

around 2 years ago I finally bought a GoPro, the model 7 and afterwards I was looking for a reliable video cut solution which as well has not the highest learning curve. And for starters I was and still am very happy that it is open source.
Thank you very much for a nice piece of software.

I found Shotcut and besides my personal videos I do use it as well for my little YouTube channel to support my team Road Runner in Hill Climb Racing 2, basically a racing game for Android and iOS.

Mainly it is cutting, arranging music but also using some filters for split screen action :wink: as comparison of 2 drivers.

Not much more to say. So, if you have any questions about the videos and how I did it, just shoot, here or directly beneath a video.

Thanks for reading!


Meanwhile “everyone” knows, that I’m creating my videos with Shotcut, and those, whose not, ask for where to find excellent videos. :smile:
Those, whose already know, visit my YouTube channel, where you can find the latest videos from me.

Earlybite on YouTube

And that is the link to my latest video:
The Base

What awaits you there is, among other things, this: :smile:

Ok, 'til then…

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Made a Few More videos using Shotcut-

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The Spring Been One Sunday:

'Til then… :slight_smile:

(BTW: Still I’m not sure if it is ‘One’ or ‘A’…)

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This music gives me the shivers! :smiley:

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I started using shotcut about 2 yrs ago , the ”eu cacand telescoala” video is made with hitfilm express , the rest is made with shotcut
(speaking of hitfilm i cant wait for motion tracking in shotcut)

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If your Cars have been unused due to lockdown, here is a golden tip,

Yes the video is made using Shotcut.

(Nicht wieder) Zum Diktat

Best regards