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I’ve been playing and reading the Shotcut forum for over a year.

Three months ago I decided to open a channel with basic tutorials for Windows (trying to use open source software, multiplatform) and Android, but not limited to this.

For example, for Android

or this presenting a playlist

And thank you again for this fantastic application.

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Here is a funny video that I made. I had fun editing it using Shotcut (of course) I hope you all enjoy especially with the coronavirus going on.

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Hi everyone,

Greetings from Ontario, Canada! I started to make music related videos for our community music group last summer. After searching online for video editors, I’ve decided to learn Shotcut. Here is the YouTube channel:

And this is the most recent video (playing with Chroma Key):


Car Care tips during Lockdown.

Habe ich mir erlaubt…

'Til then…


Gut gemacht und hat meine Zustimmung, was den Inhalt angeht!

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Hi there!

My new video has a little of @Elusien and @jonray work in text animations, makes use of what I’ve learned in @jonray 's tutorials, and shows a simple use of the new corner pin filter. A mix of a presentation and a light tutorial. Regards.


Only a video…, no plan, no story…

I Am

Best regards

Hi @kinuris,
I’m so pleased to see the WordSync text effect in action on your video!! Glad to have helped in some small way. Your video is great, even though I can’t understand Portuguese (although I did translate the title (How to buy the cheapest Nintendo SWITCH games)) … Nice work :+1:

The Corner Pin effect at 1:00 is lovely. I think this new filter will be a hit with a lot of users.

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Thank you very much! Spaniard here :slight_smile:

Oops, sorry! I typed your title into Google Translate and it told me it was Portuguese… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Greetings from the UK!

A few more on my Channel, Zen Innovations-

And I guess most useful to all of you here-

Oh what a nice thread! I’m new to Youtube and Shotcut (this forum has been a great help). There is only 3 videos on my channel, I’m an artist :
Feel free to tell me what you think of my editing!

Hi. Just to show you the intro for a series in my channel (future series). I’m proud of the hand thingy.


I think I’m getting braver… :slight_smile:


@Earlybite like all the effects … wow …
This give me more interested in video editing and the challenges I need to learn.
… I presume using mostly SC ?

This give me more interested in video editing and the challenges I need to learn.

Hu :grinning:, I think that is a little honor to me.

Completely with Shotcut:
(BTW: My first 10 tracks video…)

The individual pictures of course with KRITA, something like that …

[quote=“seemon, post:160, topic:8994”]

I like it very much!
This must be very time-investing! :smiley:

I myself have been working for weeks on a project for SC, which shows a film, but I don’t use any pictures, films or audio files.
I will show the flexibility of the internal effects and filters in SC. :smiley:
Currently the audio frequencies in Shotcut are still a big drawback, which will be discussed in detail in another thread.

For those who edit off an portable storage-

Hi @kinuris, I saw this a while ago and have been meaning to send a note of appreciation. I like your hand thingy ! Also the typewriter effect - I’m guessing that is multiple text filters on one clip? I like the way each letter is slightly offset … :+1: