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Hi @Earlybite, wow, a smorgasborg of effects! A ton of keyframing!!Must have taken for ever!! I especially wanted to ask how you did the “blurred” text effect right at the end ?

Oh, you have watched til the end. :grinning:

I think you mean this (filter ‘Spuren’ with a value of 11):

To me, it is again and again very interesting, that the same filter can look very “different”, isn’t it?

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The “irregular” text flow is because for what I tried to do, I didn’t like the regular typewriter HTML effect.
Indeed, It was done using the Elusien’s one, and then playing the video and capturing with OBS at high resolution+quality to get this effect (dirty way, but I knew it happens, so my brain give me this solution as a quick one).

But I’m learning a lot about your text developments, and soon I’ll have a solution to to make them even faster to use. Thank you!

My YouTube channel is

I create screencasts teaching people how to code.

If you want your channel to be featured in the Shotcut channel’s Made with Shotcut playlist, please post a specific video you made using Shotcut to the #made-with-shotcut category. Then, I may choose to add it. Otherwise, if you are simply sharing a channel, I do not know which video was made with Shotcut (if any). Thanks!

My entire channel is based off SHOTCUT as thats the only editor I use. Hence, any and all videos are made using Shotcut. You may choose any you deem fit.
Here is my new video online today-


This video is like a magazine showing offers on games of various platforms. So it’s a video with an expiration date :wink:

Used stuff:
@elusien @jonray HTML Text, for typewriter, HTML transitions.
@sauron double chroma pagecurl effect, and paper burning effect also double chroma.
Filters, keyframes, and everything else, thanks to @shotcut.

And the @KKnBB proxy tool.

As I don’t have a lot of computing power, I have edited many small videos and then mounted them on this one. I’m still learning!


Great effects, @kinuris! Visually very entertaining! Great job, and I sort of learned a little more Spanish from watching it… :rofl: :+1:

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very njice @kinuris,
I like the burning effect … didn’t know we have such filter in SC.
Let me try to find it …

Good video and thanks again for the hand thingy …

Hi @seemon,

There’s no a burning filter. It is a green/blue transition from Youtube. You need two project to get the effect. It is explained here InvertedPageCurl GL transition doubt for the pagecurl effect.

Thanks @kinuris for the tips. I guess I miss that thread … I know GL but did not really understood how to apply it. So this thread will give me good ideas now.
Well I will try to use them more in my next video.

Just release one simple video using SC entirely but little special transition :frowning: will try that more.
Enjoy …


Hi @seemon - Aww, how sweet! Amazing to think that the original song, sung by Dana, was No. 1 in the UK charts for two weeks, almost exactly 50 years ago! And it won the Eurovision Song Contest for Ireland that year!

I have to admit I was around then and remember listening to it. :wink: A time when things seemed much more simple …

Nice effects on the video, I enjoyed watching.

Just posted an instructional video for my new piano composition - “ROCK SONG!” - for piano students. Could do with a couple of views to kick-start it … :smiley: :smiley:

Sheet music and backing tracks all available for free download … Enjoy!!


My newest one utilizing the transition @jonray did with PNGs but I used my logo in the intro

right at 00:03

Appreciate the comments it … I suppose we belong to a generation that love simple things still :slight_smile: Add to my U tube would be great.

Well I intent to continue making videos for fun for a while … thinking along 1 every 2 weeks.
It’s really great to know “video editing” can be so interesting and with SC it makes me having great time now. Also you and many others in this forum are really supportive and helpful … and you all volunteer for this. It is really amazing …


Tipps & Tricks for upright Videos made with your Mobilephone:

Full Series:

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Nice work, @dvs! Very nicely done. :+1: Wish I understood German …

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Hi @bentacular! Enjoyed your fishing video! I was disappointed though when the fish you caught wasn’t a tin of Spam !! :laughing: :smiley: :smiley:

(For those who don’t get this joke, it’s a comment referring to a previous @bentacular video):

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LOL! SPAM is a once in a lifetime. I shouldn’t have thrown it back =)

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:laughing: :laughing:

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