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It’s great to see all the stuff showcased here! Thanks to everyone for posting - very inspiring.

I got into videography and editing as a hobby after I bought a drone and wanted to do something with my footage. My laptop is not a bad spec but Shotcut really is the best balance between performance and functionality. I like doing stuff with in-camera transitions and most of my stuff is filmed on my phone or my drone but I’m pretty happy with the results so far!

My first real adventure into a short film/travelog was my “Dromahair” video

which uses a lot of Shotcut features and there is also a hours of custom chroma masking and keyframing in there.

My most recent one is simply drone footage of the local school but it has a nice “sky transition” at the marked point here which took me a good bit of time.

It could be a bit cleaner but it is still a nice effect. There is another nice masked transition starting around 1:51 which I think looks good too…

If you like these then this is a playlist of my better stuff!

Everything apart from “The Murrough” was produced using Shotcut…

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Great thread idea!

I mostly use ShotCut for my micro sUAS videos of late, so basic things like PiP, audio, levels, corrections, etc.

Prior, I mainly used Serif MoviePlus X6, so many of my older videos were produced with that.

Here’s the video that made me start using ShotCut because I read an article about how amazing it’s color correction/grading controls are, especially within the world of FOSS NLEs (they were comparing it to DaVinci Resolve’s controls, so no small honor!):

Here’s one of the first times I used ShotCut for a composed video (As a bonus, you can see my wife laugh at me when I crash):

Here’s one of the more recent micro sUAS videos:

I also have been using ShotCut to edit/clean up videos of myself practicing my Theremin to send to my instructor, and having the various histograms/level meters in the GUI has been absolutely… instrumental for that.

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Hi, I’m Riven editor of Randomised Gaming a YouTube packed full of video games from retro to modern and I’ve been using shotcut for just about every video on the channel, bar some of our really early ones.

Been a little while since I posted here on the forum, but wanted to show our latest video where we use a large number of tricks in Shotcut to do split screens and other tricks all the movement in the video with the banners is also Shotcut, using the size and position filter, along with key frames in the time line

The zoomed split screens were rather tricky to do, requiring a mix of filters including Crop: Source, Rotate and Scale finally Size and Position. Even then the nature of these fliters wasn’t ideally and the fact there not perfectly aligned is due to them not been able to do what I exactly wanted, but it was close enough. I’m amazed I got them to work together as well as I did. Shows what you can do in the editor, once you understand it.

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Greetings all!

I have had my channel for about a year and I use ShotCut as my main editor. I do hair videos on Youtube so feel free to check me out. Heres my latest video:


“Just let your Soul Glo”! :smiley:

Taking Royal Jordanian’s flight from Amman to Tel Aviv has been on my bucket list for a long time. Here is my 100% Made with Shotcut trip review. Constructive feedback is always welcome. :grinning:


@stgtravels - Stefan, that was one of the most entertaining and informative videos I have ever watched! Bravo. Background music choice was excellent and just the right volume. Your enthusiasm for the flight was infectious! (Flanned Plight time!! priceless!)

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Thank you so much @jonray, your feedback is very motivating! :slight_smile:

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No problem, I really enjoy watching all :+1: your travel videos!

I haven’t got good at using Chroma Key, maybe my blue background/lighting is not good enough. I’m taking the “easy way out” for now by fading in/out photos:

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Hello, I am downloading and starting to use Shotcut for the very first time. I’m coming from NCH Videopad, which is great software, but I’m really looking for something with more color correction and grading features. My YouTube channel is here:

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Just got round to catching up with this thread. I loved this video. The music is so upbeat and the simple way you’ve created this teaching aid is brilliant. Did you use keyframing to move the highlighter? Do you plan to release more?

Gosh, thanks, @elusien, glad you liked it.

(To be clear to viewers, this is referring to my piano video mentioned here… ) (There are a LOT of videos in this thread!!)

I’ve recently amended it by jazzing up the colours and graphics. (I was unhappy with my choice of colours on the original).

Yes!! I’m on the verge of uploading another one featuring a new piano piece.
Here’s the amended version of Rock Song. More eye-catching and hopefully not to garish…

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I am a graphic designer and web developer. Here is my YouTube channel.

Very nice, Jon!

This is my YouTube channel, I started using Shotcut in around early 2018!

Made a Minecraft In Real Life video and I had a fun time editing this. I hope everyone enjoys and has some laughs!

Nice job guys! My grandson watches Minecraft videos, so I recognize some of the spoofing you did with this. Some of your edits and cuts are well done. Also, kudos for spending your stay-at-home time so creatively. I know that all of this time out of school hasn’t been easy on so many of you. Keep up the good work!

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I made something which will be very useful to youtubers,

yes, Its made using shotcut.

This was an interesting video for me because I had to make 40 minutes of footage go down to 6! I filmed in 60fps to have better slow-mo and footage of the glass breaking instead of 30fps. Enjoy!

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