TUTORIAL-Series for german users

Hello SHOTCUT-Fans and users,

Some time ago in 2019 I decided to do a Shotcut Tutorial series. Starting with the basics about tricks & tips, news and updates that affect this video editing program.
I try to explain the steps as much as possible.
Questions and suggestions you can write in the comments.

I’d like to invite you to immerse yourself in the world of video editing with this great video editing program.

Best regards!
David van Scouten

Ich habe mich vor einiger Zeit im Jahre 2019 entschlossen eine Shotcut Tutorial-Serie zu machen.
Angefangen von den Grundlagen über Tricks&Tipps, Neuerungen und Updates, die dieses Videoschnittprogramm betreffen.
Ich versuche möglichst ausführlich die Schritte zu erklären.
Fragen und Anregungen könnt ihr gerne in den Kommentaren schreiben.
Ich lade euch hiermit gerne ein, um in die Welt des Videoschnitts mit diesem hervorragenden Videoschnitt-Programm einzutauchen.

Herzliche Grüße!
David van Scouten

To be continued…


My previous Tutorial (Credits):

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Using audiovisual filters:

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News from the brandnew update!


Good video! Clearly, not too fast not too slow. :wink:

I already wrote, that I understood…, the “issue” is that I’m a lazy “mouse pusher”. :smile:
I make myself comfortable and let’s go.

BTW: Can one remove empty space in the TimeLine up to the Seeker? That would be really nice, isn’t it?

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Is the seeker the white line (playhead)? If yes, is A/B in this illustration what you mean?

I think there are no such tools. Which is too bad. “Ripple Trim previous edit to playhead” and “Ripple trim next edit to playhead” are my favorite tools for efficiency.

C/D are just for fun.

Yes, correct…, it is the "A&B thing’.
Really, sometimes I’m missing it…
(Who now has said: “You cannot have all and everything!” :smile: )

This is my first post, my first presence in the internet with…my…new…AMD Ryzen-5 2600 ! Yeaha! :smile:
Became the PC today, rebuild the SSD’s, the GTX-1060, the SysFan into the new PC. And it works!
Just installed Linux Mint 19.3-Cinnamon…, works. :smile:
Tomorrow much configuration a.s.o…
I have an AMD Ryzen-5 2600! :smile:

I wish you good success!

:smile: Thanks!

I am already working with it! :smile:

My new tutorial gift to the ‘Filmschnitter’: Greenscreen-effect (a reunion with ‘Vincent Vega’ from ‘Pulp Fiction’). :smiley:

Mein neues Tutorial-Geschenk an die ‘Filmschnitter’: Greenscreen-Effekt (Ein Wiedersehen mit ‘Vincent Vega’ aus ‘Pulp Fiction’). :smiley:

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Ein neues Update ist wieder erschienen und ich zeige in dieser kleinen Vorschau den ‘Corner-Pin’-Filtereffekt, der jetzt perspektivisches Verzerren möglich macht.

A new update has been released again and in this small preview I show the ‘corner pin’ filter effect, which now makes perspective distortion possible.

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A new Tutorial is on:
Settings for Portrait-mode + pimping for Landscape-mode.

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