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Thank you for the LUTs! I’m sure you have loads of other fans hiding away somewhere… :smiley:

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More than 110 badminton streams in the youtube-channel: badminton-tips Germany.

I have divided all the badminton-exercises into categories on my webpage:

2015-2017 cutted with other video-editors. but since 2018 all with Shotcut.


I featured your video and screenshot on Twitter for #TimelineTuesday.

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I did not realize I was not following the Twitter account, that’s now done :slight_smile:

MUSIKVIDEO ●C-TEC - ‘She Left’ [DvS Re-Arrange Mix 2000]●

I re-arranged the original Track in 2000 of the industrial-ballad ‘She Left’ which is from the album ‘CUT’ of the ‘Cyber-Tec-Project’.
Singer is Jean-Luc De Meyer a member of FRONT 242.

I recorded the animations from the ‘Winamp-AVS’-visualisations and edited it with SHOTCUT.

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Hello community,

around 2 years ago I finally bought a GoPro, the model 7 and afterwards I was looking for a reliable video cut solution which as well has not the highest learning curve. And for starters I was and still am very happy that it is open source.
Thank you very much for a nice piece of software.

I found Shotcut and besides my personal videos I do use it as well for my little YouTube channel to support my team Road Runner in Hill Climb Racing 2, basically a racing game for Android and iOS.

Mainly it is cutting, arranging music but also using some filters for split screen action :wink: as comparison of 2 drivers.

Not much more to say. So, if you have any questions about the videos and how I did it, just shoot, here or directly beneath a video.

Thanks for reading!


Meanwhile “everyone” knows, that I’m creating my videos with Shotcut, and those, whose not, ask for where to find excellent videos. :smile:
Those, whose already know, visit my YouTube channel, where you can find the latest videos from me.

Earlybite on YouTube

And that is the link to my latest video:
The Base

What awaits you there is, among other things, this: :smile:

Ok, 'til then…

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Made a Few More videos using Shotcut-

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The Spring Been One Sunday:

'Til then… :slight_smile:

(BTW: Still I’m not sure if it is ‘One’ or ‘A’…)

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This music gives me the shivers! :smiley:

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I started using shotcut about 2 yrs ago , the ”eu cacand telescoala” video is made with hitfilm express , the rest is made with shotcut
(speaking of hitfilm i cant wait for motion tracking in shotcut)

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If your Cars have been unused due to lockdown, here is a golden tip,

Yes the video is made using Shotcut.

(Nicht wieder) Zum Diktat

Best regards

I’ve been playing and reading the Shotcut forum for over a year.

Three months ago I decided to open a channel with basic tutorials for Windows (trying to use open source software, multiplatform) and Android, but not limited to this.

For example, for Android

or this presenting a playlist

And thank you again for this fantastic application.

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Here is a funny video that I made. I had fun editing it using Shotcut (of course) I hope you all enjoy especially with the coronavirus going on.

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Hi everyone,

Greetings from Ontario, Canada! I started to make music related videos for our community music group last summer. After searching online for video editors, I’ve decided to learn Shotcut. Here is the YouTube channel:

And this is the most recent video (playing with Chroma Key):


Car Care tips during Lockdown.

Habe ich mir erlaubt…

'Til then…


Gut gemacht und hat meine Zustimmung, was den Inhalt angeht!

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