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Ok, it is not my music, but you’ve made good layer improvements.
I see you moved the smileys “smoothly”.
Did you use the keyframe-type “smooth”?
And how did you control the smoothness, because there are no handlers with curves at the keyframe-points yet?

Oh, thank you.
At that point I can tell you, that there are sometimes five layers in number. And that results while playback while editing in a “Single Frame pro Second-Show”.
Also in use is Chroma, and and and…
And yes keyframe-type is “smooth”, and in some parts “one” move is split into two. The second part starts and the end of part one…
But you can also use several points in one part.
The trick is, if you want so, to rebuild a curve with straight lines, like a octagon, or maybe with 16 edges. The more edges, straight lines, the more “curvy”.
And it is not a big work…, let’s say, several points for X/Y in one part and you rebuild an ‘Eight’, or so.

Journey-01.mlt (7.6 KB)

I do not know, if you can simply use that project…
And, no, it do not “draws” an 'Eight"… :slight_smile:

-------------- EDIT: --------------------------
…to the music:
I simply found it underlines, what I want to say within that video.
Unfortunately, it does not always depend on the taste. (To me it could have been more a Trance like piece… :slight_smile: )
Overall I think it is a good piece of music, for free and commercial usable.


From Los Angeles, California. I have videos devoted to traveling, food and bass fishing.

All my videos so far have been edited with Shotcut. My biggest hope for Shotcut is for it to get all the functionalities to rival DaVinci for cinematic videos.

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a new video…“Journey Into A Bad Dream”!
With a lot of video and audio tracks and a lot of filters, and a lot of keyframes.
Making was sometimes, and currently, a little bit PITA, because of stutter while editing. But, hey, it is done… :smile:.

How do you like my “Dissolve Cloudy-Solution”?

BTW: The video is 03:40 min., and export needed about 34:45 min… Questions? :smile:

So I hope seeing that video is not a waste of time, so enjoy!
Journey Into A Bad Dream

My first youtube video made with Shotcut

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Gyrating with Camila Cabello.


Cute girl!

Really like that song - it’s got me dancing around in the kitchen (not a pretty sight… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)
Like your added effects - quite subtle and very effective. Just wondering how you did it…?? :smiley: :+1:

4 Tracks. One used as a marking track.
V4 is the main video track muted with blend mode Add.
V3 has a plasma clip with blend mode Multiply slightly rotated with a distort filter.
V2 has audio waveform visualization, SP, distort, lens correction, blur, rutt-etra-izer, and flip xy filters.

Then I just experimented with the various filters to get the waveform all bouncy.:smiley:

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Wow, complex! But worth the effort :smile: Thanks for the explanation.

Ah, now I understand!
First I thought it was a prof ex video…

This is my first post here, been using Shotcut for my youtube channel for about one year now (before that it was a direct upload of films from my camera without any effect, editing, or anything at all).

I tried Vega (hated it), Windows Movie Maker (too limited), DaVinci Resolve (really liked it, but it did not like the native file format of my Panasonic camera).

My latest video (as of yesterday) is my most complicated so far - that’s not saying much really -, and involves three tracks, cross fades and image overlays.

It’s definitely very geeky and interesting for about 50 people worldwide, but yeah :smiley:

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A new Video on my channel:

It Is Difficult To Be A Winner

Best regards


now that I call an A-40 my own, here is my first video, with material made with it:
La Beau Des Rêves

I hope you like it (too). :slight_smile:
'Til then…


I would like to invite you to watch my newest video on YouTube.

It could be epic:
I Can Stand It

Best regards

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Feel free to make a new post in the Made with Shotcut category instead of posting each to this thread. This thread is mainly for channels. But, as always, thanks for sharing!

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Here’s one of my newest Shotcut-edited videos:


Hi this is Jens! Happy to be part of this group. My YouTube channel is Old Man Fat Bike.

My most recent video for your viewing pleasure. Peace people…

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Last videos are made with ShotCut

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