What is up with the scaling?

Since I updated shotcut the scale of the program is too big and no matter what I do it does not change. To make matters works I can’t even resize the timeline or clips tab.

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I edited the post to give you a better idea.

You can adjust the size of the panels around. You can also move whole panels (except viewer directly) around to where you want it. You can close out panels you don’t need by hitting the small X. The button to the left of the X is a popout panel option. Can easily be redocked. It might take a few minutes to figure out how to exactly move things around. All panels have a minimum width.

Show Title Bars, Show Toolbar, Show Small Icons & Show Text Under Icons all have an effect on your screen real estate. Experiment to find the best settings for you.

You can even stack panels in one spot, then just select which tab you want. Some panels once activated will auto stack with other panels.

You didn’t state which version you have, nor which OS you have.
Make sure you have the latest version downloaded from here: https://shotcut.org/download/

I see you are using Windows 10. Unless you updated from a version over a year old, I do not think anything changed in Shotcut to cause this. It is difficult to tell from the screenshot what is wrong with the scale, but perhaps something with screen or text scaling changed in your Windows 10 settings, possibly dependent upon your monitor or graphics driver update.

Regarding the inability to resize panels, there are minimum sizes of every panel and the player. But you should be able to drag the divider you circled at least a little. If not, close the Audio Peak Meter and FIlters.

What did you try to change in the View menu? Try turning on Show Small Icons and turning off Show Text Under Icons to reclaim more space. Shotcut provides a lot flexibility in its UI.

The problem was with the scaling of my windows. However it keeps lagging and behaving weird. I have no idea why since it worked fine up until now.

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