Font looks bad in some part of the application

Hello there !

First off : @shotcut + all contributors : huge thanks for this great piece of software ! Amazing work !!
Before I fully switched to Linux, I was using DaVinci Resolve 16 (which is great yet not FOSS) on Windows … but I knew I had a problme when I tried it on Linux (no IN/OUT on x264/x264 and not sound).
I tried Olive, KDEnlive, flowblade, openshot etc … and find my happiness recently with Shotcut !!

I’d like to report a bug/issue with the display of Shotcut :

I use

  • shotcut 20.02.17 with the AppImage (Shotcut-200217.glibc2.14-x86_64.AppImage) with Display method : OpenGL + theme : Fusion Dark
  • on Kubuntu 19.10 (Qt 5.9.7)
  • using Intel Core i7 7700k + 32GB RAM + SSD + NVidia GFX 1070
  • using a 4k 27"display (3840x2160)

The font of the GUI appears badly in several part of the app:

  • Timeline : the main scale time indication + naming of all tracks
  • Preview : the main scale time indication
  • Filters pane : searchbox + all effects in list (fav+audio+video) + name of the selected rush atop + most part of the filters definition (list of active filters + all text in the settings of filters)

And it’s not matching the below perfectly working parts

  • Playlist pane : all OK
  • Properties pane : all OK
  • Jobs pane : all OK
  • Export pane : all OK
  • Recent pane : all OK
  • Peak audio meter : OK

Edit : just tried in 20.04 BETA … it’s the same :frowning:

Do you need me to provide screenshots of the part not looking good ?


That would be best. :slightly_smiling_face:

Could this be related to HiDPI settings?

I believe these can also be passed as command line or environment variables, although I haven’t tried it in awhile.

As suggested,
the screenshots :
in red are the parts where the font looks bad

Details :

And for the HiDPI settings, I don’t know where to check.
But no other application or GUI has such an issue in my Kubuntu (KDE)

Yeah, but then how come some part of the GUI looks fine :wink: ?

There are two GUI libraries being used in Shotcut: Qt Widgets and Qt Quick. The sections of the UI that you show having bad fonts are the sections that use the Qt Quick libraries.

I do not know why Qt Quick does not look good on your system. Have you tried changing “Settings->Display Method”?

Mmmhhh … I see something, indeed.
I guess the cultprit could be the one I circled in red

I had to put this to manage my display according to my taste, when I installed 18.04 …
But what I do notice is that Shotcut is the only application where I have this issue.

I’ll try change it and see … but if all my OS & applications now look either too big or too small, I guess I’ll keep the bad-looking-font related setup :slight_smile:

Edit : changed it to more usual numbers & restarted my system

125% the problem is still there

100% : no more issue in Shotcut but KDE looks too big, Shotcut looks too big and Firefox looks too small

What I do notice as well (and I think there could be a bug with the global scale) is that the preview window (showing the source or project output) is inversely proportionate to the scaling factor I have in my display settings …
the smaller the factor, the bigger the preview window.
With my initial 137.5%, the preview was using a third of the screen estate it should use (see my very first screenshot).

Given the cons of the scaling factor at 100% on my whole system, and the fact that everything is either too big or too small, I’ll revert back to 125% or 137.5% and accept the UI glitch, … until it is hopefully fixed ! :slight_smile:


I reproduced this running a Manjaro KDE live USB and changing the KDE global scale to 1.3 (KDE version 5.17 does not use 100%). My primary system is running Ubuntu 19.10 with GNOME Shell and only offers multiples of 100. This is largely out of our control and due to the Qt version we use 5.9. I tested the Flatpak version of Shotcut, which is using Qt 5.14, and it does not have this problem (with one exception). However, it does still have other space and sizing problems that is the mine field of Qt on HiDPI Linux. Yes, I agree that KDE apps on KDE work better as well as Firefox. But my experience with HiDPI on Linux and Qt under GNOME Shell, the problems affects other Qt apps including Qt Creator. More complex apps that mix usage of Qt Widgets and Quick APIs like ours, Qt Creator, and Kdenlive tend to show more problems. I tested the Kdenlive 19.12 AppImage, which uses Qt 5.12, on this Manjaro, and it too has problems with the text rendering in some places. I have very few problems with Qt on HiDPI on macOS and Windows. We will upgrade our bundled Qt libraries soon, but I was going go to try to use Qt 5.12 to keep things consistent across OS and newer versions drop too many macOS versions.

Thanks @shotcut for your reply.
As I said, I can bear using Shotcut with some weird-looking font :slight_smile: so will I.
About the non used screen-estate, I admit this is a bit more detrimental to the user experience as the preview window is really not using the available space !

Anyway, thank you very much for looking into it !
Loving Shotcut anyway <3


as advised in another bug report, I tested with flatpack, which includes Qt 5.14.2

  • Only the preview pane still has a bad-looking font.
  • All other places mentionned above now have good looking font !


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