Dialog text size when using on multiple monitors

The text size doesn’t seem to scale properly when moving between monitors with different scale sizes…

Using shotcut on my 13" 1920x1080 with scale of 150% laptop screen looks great, but when moving to a 22" monitor of the same resolution and scale of 100%, the text is tiny.

Screenshot 1: Laptop screen

Screenshot 2: 22" screen (see attached)

Thanks. Let me know if further info is needed

Screenshot 2: 22" screen


It does not dynamically adjust when you move the window between screens, but it might after you restart Shotcut. Did you restart Shotcut?

Whichever monitor’s taskbar that I use to launch shotcut, it always opens on the laptop screen, so the text is fine and then when I drag it across it doesn’t adapt as it should

Apps do not launch on the same monitor as whichever task bar you are using. They launch on whatever screen they were last used on. I tested with Edge and VLC. Shotcut’s main window does the same for me except the splash screen; that is always on 1. I do see that when I set screen 1 to be 150%, it detects the display as double density.
[Info ] <Application::Application> device pixel ratio = 2 near the beginning of View > Application Log.
Then, when I move it to screen 2 with 100% scale, the text is too small as you reported. This information is reported in the log before loading the splash screen.
What is interesting is that if I set screen 1 to 200% then it works better. The text on screen 2 looks correct size. I am not sure I can fix this directly or at least far from obvious. It might get better when we upgrade the GUI library we use.

One thing you can do in the meantime is run shotcut with the command line argument
With that, for me, it is slightly different on screen 1 with 150% but not bad and much better on screen 2.

Thanks for this hint. Adding the QT_SCALE_FACTOR argument to the shortcut has helped and the application opens and looks good on all of my screens.

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