V20.10 BETA now available for test

Well said @austin! I was just about to say something similar in appreciation of the dedication Dan gives to this project… Awesome!


A present for Dan … :wink:

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This is fixed.

Now any files dragged from the file manager to the timeline freezes Shotcut up.

And this.

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From master version, i cant never open .webm file. Im not request it, im just report it since i cn always convert my webm to mp4 to be edited later

Webm works just fine for me. Oh, I bet you are using AV1 WebM, and that is not yet supported and never has been.


I have just published a beta 2 version 20.10.24 and updated the link in the top post to it as well. The beta period was always supposed to last until October 30, and that was fixed in the top post as well. I do not expect to make nearly as many changes as I did this past week. Now, only the most severe regression bugs will be addressed before release on either 30 or 31.

  • When you drag a VRF file from the file manager directly to the timeline, the Convert to Edit-friendly dialog comes up twice regardless if you press OK or Cancel.

  • When you pick Pad Blur in the Sliedshow Generator, the filter that is used is “pillar_echo” which has no parameters rather than Blur: Pad.

This only happens on an empty project, minor, and will not be fixed now. I will put it into a branch for the next version after 20.10.

When you pick Pad Blur in the Sliedshow Generator, the filter that is used is “pillar_echo” which has no parameters rather than Blur: Pad.

This is an easy fix I made for new slideshows. I will not be adding code to fix existing projects due to the risk.

Please only report critical bugs in this thread from now. I will not be responding to anything I consider minor from here on.


The bug is back … it appears that creating a black colour clip from the pallette still results in a transparent clip.

Open other > colour.
Select the black square (top left) from the pallette

I thought it had been fixed but apparently not. Thanks!

As @Hudson555x pointed out last time, selecting “pick colour” first then black square works OK.

Other colours work OK.

It is not back; it works the same way as v20.09.27. It is not the same bug as reported before with color selection. It only changes the alpha from 0 to 255 when the color has changed. When you click the black square it does not think the color has changed because it has not - transparent is black with alpha 0. The color blocks in the Windows color dialog do not define an alpha value, and we do not make the dialog. If you want opaque black you can do what you did as a workaround, or simply enter 255 into Alpha. I can add a Black preset, but I am not changing any logic in this area.

OK thanks, I just thought it would confuse users. I notice it confused @bentacular for a moment at 3:52 in his tutorial as well HERE

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Yeah. I always thought that top left square is black.

I did too. Hope you didn’t mind me mentioning that portion of your tutorial to Dan …

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I will make a change for the version after 20.10. This is not a regression from 20.09.27 and far from critical.

No worries!

Fine, and thanks for considering it! PS Thanks also for the keyboard shortcut for Center the Playhead, I’m toggling it on and off all the time…

Apply the Size, Position & Rotate filter to a video. Distort the video like in the example below:

Now go to zoom parameter and try to crank it all the way to a 1000%. Shotcut will crash.

This is fixed for the release.

Not a bug as such but a question about Edit Friendly & Proxy files

I have use Proxy enabled.

Just opened a file and it has automatically made a proxy as expected.
It also recommended making an edit friendly version, which I accepted.

The Playlist now shows both the proxy version and the edit friendly versions.
Just closed both files and opened the -converted version and shotcut has made a proxy of this.

Am I correct in understanding that the Proxy version is only used for editing and that the Edit Friendly version only used for exporting?

If not, then it may be sensible to delay the proxy creation until after the edit friendly version has been created.

Using Shotcut 20-10-30 portable.