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Good morning, I am looking for a post in the forum where I was talking about how to create transparent text, that is to say, where you can see the background. I don’t know if I explain too well…

Thank you very much

Try using Chroma Key filter. Below is a sample:

There’s plenty of tutorial in the Tutorial section.

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Perfect, thanks :ok_hand: :ok_hand:

Hi @ANIE , would this help? :grinning:


Oh boy, i totally forget about this. @ANIE hope this might help you.

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No need to use Chroma Key; just put the text on a transparent background - Open:Other:Color lets you select a transparent background, or you can use Open:Other:Text, which automatically includes a Text:Simple filter.

Hi @awake , I was assuming that @anie wanted to make the inside of the text transparent. Perhaps to make an effect like this:


@jonray This effect also looks great to me, thanks!!!

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Hi @jonray, I totally missed that, even when I saw the effect that you posted. I’m going to claim it as a senior moment … :slight_smile:


No problem @awake, I get plenty of those myself!! :blush:

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