I confirm again chroma key not working

version 21.09.20.
I took another editing soft and changed chroma key for background and can see difference, i opened Shortcut changed chroma key for same video, no any changes.
Simple : “pick a color on the screen” function seems working, but no changes on video ; trying “distance” - no any changes, ok lets try another, lets say “chroma hold” - working, lets try “Blend Mode” - no any changes.

Works for me.
Note: Mask:Simple not used, it’s just an image I had handy.

Quick question. Did you put the clip on the same track or on a new track on top of the existing track? I tried it on 21.09.20 and working fine.

Here is sample

Here is how must work

You cannot use the Chroma-Key filter on a clip on track V1. The clip has to be on a higher track so the Chroma-key enables the underlying track(s) to show through the transparency it creates.

See here on how to use it, or check out the first reply above.

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This may be the solution, but you never responded to this post.

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Seeing in your last example video, you’re wanting the color to go black, just stick a black color underneath on V1, Your Video on V2, Chroma key on V2.

Sorry for no answer.
Back in a day, i got trouble on exporting video and need time to relax :), i think there was problems with iphone X better quality video shooting. There is 2 options in phone.
Exporting gone wrong and i understood that nothing i can do here, so i went to another editor.
Second Shortcut hudge problem was cpu load and lag on effects.
But i see you improving soft and thats nice.

I think you need some text boxes in editor with short explain.

There is just a few steps to add color (even black) to a video.

You can expand out the color clip by dragging the right edge (or left edge, depending on where you placed it).

@Andrius_Vasaitis , has any of our replies solved you problem? If yes, please mark it as a solution.

Can find where to mark possible solution. But in fact problem not solved and you will receive same question time after time.

The answer is: the Chroma-key filter is working as designed. It will not work on track V1. The video clip has to be on track V2 or higher.