Transition effect where you don't lose time

I’m satisfied so far, however one thing I miss from Shotcut is fancy transitions where you don’t lose time, Basically I edit videos for a niche where you use 20-30 clips for a video, therefore if I use transitions I loose significant amount of time -> less money from Youtube. Any way we will be getting some fancy transitions (Filmora type)?

You can make reasonably fancy transitions with Shotcut. Just need to use the available filters to create them.

Here’s a few threads about transitions.

Eventually these transitions will be added.

A few zippy transitions.


Those gl-transitions are pretty good. Can we have a time estimation when they will be added?

There’s no time estimate. The developers are working on more pressing matters. In the meantime if you want to play around with the ones that work as overlays try this thread. Gl Transitions made using Elusien's GL transitions overlay generator

Here’s the link for more detailed explanation and other links to access the overlay code. I designed 8 png files for custom transitions

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