SERIOUSLY CLASSY (!) lower thirds text effect with blur - written tutorial

Hi folks,
I cracked a method of producing what I’ve called a “seriously classy” lower thirds text effect. Here’s a demo:

There are 2 elements to this:

  1. A subtle pointed animated horizontal line with gradient,
  2. Two lines of text which have a blur/fade effect at the end.

Here’s a little tutorial showing how I did it…

The gradient pointed line.

This begins life as an HTML file.

Gradient pointed line HTML (475 Bytes)

Try it - double click on it and you’ll see this:

Then I took a screenshot of it using the Snipping Tool, imported into SC, cropped out the edges and exported as a frame, to get this totally black and white image:

Then imported back into SC, applied keyframes to get an expanding line … then exported as a black/white resource video:

Then I opened a new SC project. The final project looks like this:

On V1: the base video,
V2: The gradient pointed line MP4 with “Blend Mode:Add”. I’ve cut out a portion of the static middle section to make the duration slightly shorter.
V3: Top line of text.
V4: Lower line of text …

… then: I exported a frame of just the two lines of text, with a black background (achieved by temporarily hiding tracks V1 and V2):

Then re-imported the exported frame onto V4 and applied:

  1. a “Blend Mode:Add” filter,
  2. a “Blur:Box” filter - with the “width” keyframed from 0 to 100%,
  3. a fade-out.
    I positioned the effect using SPR filters and repeated the effect another twice for the demo, with different text.

Seriously classy is a very well chosen name. I love it. Can’t wait to try it.
In fact, I’m going to try it right now :slight_smile:
:+1: :+1:


Here’s my first attempt:

That’s surprisingly easy to do. However, I feel the timing of the fades and blurs doesn’t look exactly like yours. Still need to work on it :slight_smile: Right now it’s just about 80% classy :face_with_monocle:


That looks fine to me @MusicalBox ! Good work! :+1: Works better with classical music though :rofl: :rofl: (only joking)…


Another way to create the line … and the width can be key-framed directly from the filter:


Brilliant! Makes it even easier to use


That’s great! Thank you! :grinning:

Hi @awake - I followed your method and keyframed the width of the line. Looks good! Note though, there’s oddly a tiny white dot at the end even though I keyframed the width down to zero …

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Hi @jonray
Did you keyframe the Height as well ? Try turning it from your value to zero at the very last keyframe.

For example: for the entire duration, Height parameter at 0.27% then at the second to last frame, add a keyframe (still at 0.27) and at the last frame, another keyframe at 0%

EDIT: I had the same problem before… And I kind off remembere I used the solution above, but I’m not 100% sure.
If it doesn’t work, I guess you’ll have to cut your pointed line clip just after the last keyframe.

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No, it was set at zero throughout.

Interestingly, the last keyframe wasn’t at the end of the clip:

Of course, when I trimmed the clip at the last keyframe, the dot disappeared. (However, that was not what I ideally wanted - I wanted some black video at the end. Yes, I could have just trimmed V2 and left V1 as it was).

@jonray, I’m not seeing the white dot in the video above - ??

If the height was at zero throughout the clip, you wouldn’t see the line.
On your capture it’s set at 0.32%.
And your white dot looks more like a white vertical line to me :slight_smile:
Looking at it, I’d say it mesures about 0.32% of the height of your screen :stuck_out_tongue:

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OMG, I have no idea why I wrote that!! Of course, the line is set at 0.32%!! Senior moment!
(Sorry, I’ve been offline for a few days. My dog had a bad accident and had to have a major operation on her leg…)


It’s there for me, but very small Right in the centre:

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Oh no. I’m sorry to read that. I hope she recover quickly.

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Thank you @MusicalBox . Unfortunately it’s quite serious - she’s had a metal plate and screws implanted, plus a bone graft. We call it her bionic leg … :worried: 3 months complete rest, no exercise… 6 months until it’s healed completely, provided nothing goes wrong. Not good. Also VERY expensive. She was chasing a squirrel and just slipped on the grass … :unamused:

That’s sad. Especially when something like this happens to a pet. Or to a baby. In addition to the pain, they don’t understand what happens and that is scary for them.

I can imagine. My sister took her dog to the vet to remove a couple of bad teeth and get a few routine shots and I was shocked when she told they charged her more than 500$ for that.

Think of the number nine and add three noughts … :open_mouth:

Ouch… that’s more than 15 000 Canadian dollars. Incredible.

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Je suis aussi désolé d’apprendre cela.
Bon courage et soignez le bien.

I am also sorry to hear that.
Good luck and take care of him

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Sure is. Good job we have her insured, although it won’t cover the whole amount … :relaxed:

Merci beaucoup @Namna. Votre message est apprécié.

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