Filter Set | Seriously Classy Titles

A couple of years ago, @jonray shared a tutorial showing us how to create his beautiful Seriously Classy animated titles.

Based on this tutorial, and with @jonray’s permission, I present you the
Seriously Classy Titles filter set.

Here’s a demo of the Filter Sets in action:

In the ZIP file below, you’ll find versions of the Filter Sets for projects in these resolutions:

HD 720p
HD 1080p
UHD 2160p

AND these frame rates:

24fps (works also on 23.98fps and 25fps projects)
30fps (works also on 29.97fps projects)
60fps (works also on 59.94fps projects)

Download this ZIP file: (12.6 KB)

How to install a filter set:

  • Download the ZIP file and un-zip it.
  • In Shotcut, go to Settings > App Data Directory > Show
  • If you don’t see a filter-sets folder, create one (use that exact name).
  • Open the filter-sets folder.
  • Move the un-zipped filter set file(s) of your choice in that folder.
  • Close and re-launch Shotcut.

Your new filter set(s) should be visible in Filters > Sets



Check this video to learn how to customize the Seriously Classy filter set:


Thank you so much @musicalbox for making it into a filter-set. Cool! Ingenious the way you made the middle line feathered using the mask:simple shape (elipse).

Also, you made a brilliant tutorial. Excellent. Thank you for this very useful resource, which can be a full-size video title or a great lower-thirds effect. :+1: :+1:

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Glad you like it Jon !

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I do! The filter-set makes it so easy to use.
BTW I remember now that the use of the mask:simple shape idea was first discovered by @awake in this post - so I think we should give a shout-out to him. A fine example of top-class collaboration on this forum!


Thank you for the shout out! I have been woefully behind in participating on this forum, due to having very little time over the past year to do much video editing. I have all sorts of plans and projects … but this pesky thing called “a job” keeps getting in the way. :frowning:

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