New Shotcut video - A Medley of Christmas Carols for flute and piano

Get into the Christmas/Festive Spirit with my “Medley of Three Christmas Carols” arranged for flute and piano!!

The video was (of course!) made with Shotcut.

Text effects - right at the beginning, I used my “seriously classy text effect” technique here:

Then the text effect was repeated at 4:40 with an added revealing text effect - see procedure here:

The sheet music is a screen capture from MuseScore (freeware score writing software). I captured the whole screen as it played and used the Crop:Rectangle filter to crop out the edges. Then I added an Opacity filter to make it partly transparent - just enough to make it hard for people to “grab” the music without having to pay for it (LOL! :grinning:).

After creating the score in MuseScore I printed the music and played it live into Cubase on my MIDI keyboard to give a more natural feel to the music (to remove the robotic “MIDI” feeling). For muso’s out there, the piano sound is my Garritan Steinway VST piano sound (sadly long-since discontinued) and the flute sound is the solo flute from Garritan’s Personal Orchestra library. I would have played it on my real flute but I didn’t get the time.
It’s going down quite well on the Facebook Flute forum. I think they like the novelty factor of hearing “O Come, All Ye faithful” played as a Jig in compound time (6/8 time signature)!! :joy:


This is quite good, little Jon. All your Christmas wishes will be granted this year. Within reason ho ho ho :santa:

I hope your fellows members at the Facebook Flute forum appreciate also all the work you put into producing a video like this.


Jon always puts a lot of effort into producing his videos and I just love that flute playing. It must stem from hearing the flautist (flutist for our US members) James Galway’s rendering of John Denver’s Annie’s Song that was all the rage in the late 70s.

As an aside I just had to investigate “Flautist” vs “Flutist”. So - from

Flutist, from the French flûtiste, is by far the older word in English, and it is not American in origin. The OED lists an example from 1603, though the word remained rare in any form until the early 18th century. It was the preferred form in all varieties of English until the late 19th century, when flautist, which came to English from the Italian flautista early that century, was fully adopted in British English. If you can’t decide which form to use, flute-player is a noncontroversial alternative.

Reading about Annie’s Song is quite illuminating:

Thanks @MusicalBox ! I hope your Christmas wishes are granted too! (Also within reason!! :joy:)

Very good point! Probably not! They most likely think I hit a button and the video makes itself!

I’m so glad you know about James Galway. His playing is superb and listening to Annie’s Song in the 70s did inspire me to play like him. I never got close … :unamused:
Ah, the argument “Flautist” vs “Flutist” has raged for years in flute circles. Then, is it “Flawtist” or “Flowtist” (as in “out”)! … big question!

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Nicely done. It’s refreshing to hear these songs in a different style.

During the “Piano Backing Track” section, you still included the text “The flute sound is a virtual instrument”. It’s so virtual during that section that it’s imaginary. :wink:

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Hi @pbattersby !You spotted that! LOL! Long story - I was very short of time because Christmas is looming… I copied the beginning video for the backing track section and forgot about that (redundant) text, and uploaded to YT. When I noticed the error, I had already put the link to the YT video on the Sheet Music site (where I’m selling the music) so I couldn’t really upload a corrected version without a lot of hassle!

So I was hoping no-one would notice :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Thanks for pointing it out!! I admire your eagle eyes!

Yea, I understand why we can’t but I wish we could edit or replace published videos. I have an edit or two I’d like to make but I don’t want to delete an existing video to upload a new one either.

Couldn’t resist the temptation. :grin:

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Me too!

LOL! Glad you did - good to know someone watched it, including the second half! Would you like to be my personal proof-reader by any chance? LOL! :laughing:

Ha Ha. I have my hands full “proof reading” my own stuff … over and over again and still things slip through. :open_mouth:

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