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Hi All,
and wish you all the best for 2021
I am 60 yrs, I am a beekeeper and video and vlogging is completely new for me.
I found Shotcut, love it, but struggle with it.
(because video editting is new for me)
at the moment i’m struggling with the size of the clips
How do I create them all the same size?
Some clips are filling the player, others have a (large) black border.
How do I look it all the same size?

thx in advance
I am willing to learn!


Hi Peter,

Welcome to the forum.

To get your started, here is some good reading:

Regarding your specific size question, It will help a lot if you are able to share some screenshots of your project. We would like to see the properties panels for your clips. Also, people will want to know what you have the video mode set to.

Fundamentally, it comes down to:

  1. Choose the video mode that you want for your final project
  2. Clips that already match your video mode should look good
  3. Clips that do not match your video mode will require aspect ratio conversion. Shotcut adds padding by default, but you can use the size-position-rotate filter to crop instead.

Hi Brian,

This helped a lot! Thx!
I started my first 4 video’s with a introducing image with text.
The 5th video I started staight from the camera.
I now understand Shotcut standard sets to automatic video format and takes the first clip on the timeline as a default.
So for the first 4 video’s it was the size of the image, en the 5th the size of the first clip.
Which was not 16:9 but 9:16 :wink:

I set for the 5th video the video modus on HD 720p 50fps
Which will did the trick for now. ratio is set to 16:9

Which video setting would you advice to create video’s for sharing on social media channels?
(LinkedIn, Facebook)

thx again,

A useful site to see what recommendation various social media sites (including LinkedIn and Facebook) for videos on their platform.

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thx, I had to study it, but it gives me on first sight enough guidelines.

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