Size, Position & Rotate

Location: Filters - Video - Size & Position.

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Default Shotcut Installation: This filter will be located in the Favorite tab .
This Favorte can be removed/added by clicking on the * symbol.

This filter is used to manipulate the size and placement of a video/image in your video. This filter can also use Keyframes.

Size Modes:

  • Fit - Will not enlarge image/video in the Rectangle Control, yet allows image to be scaled down.
  • Fill - Fits any image/video vertically to the Video Mode
  • Distort - Allows resizing to the Rectangle Control, overriding Aspect Ratio of original source

Horizontal fit:

  • Left - Aligns to the left side of Rectangle Control
  • Center - Aligns to the center of Rectangle Control
  • Right - Aligns to the right of Rectangle Control

Vertical fit:

  • Top - Aligns to the top of Rectangle Control
  • Middle - Aligns to the middle of Rectangle Control
  • Bottom - Aligns to the bottom of Rectangle Control

The Rectangle Control is the box that surrounds the image/video allowing placement and size manipulation. In this rectangle you’ll see the Position Handle (white/gray dot) that you can move the image/video to a desired location.

The filter can be deselected by unchecking the box, yet all of the changes remain there.
To remove the filter use the - sign.

A couple of comments about documentation:

  • once you add content to a topic, remove the “If you are a trusted user you can edit…” Eventually, these topics will be compiled into PDF ala book (minus the comments).
  • I do not want every filter topic to contain information about how to use filters in general, which is basically all we have here. That is a separate topic. This topic is about the Size and Position filter only.

I was a bit unsure if you wanted that part removed.

Is there a better term than Selection Box? It’s the only thing that I could think of.
Is there a term used for the center spot where you grab and drag for placement?

Yes, be careful with “selection” as that is something very specific in just about all software. Call this the “rectangle control.”

“position handle”

Cant find: what keys do I use to change numbers in size position boxes???

These are not spin boxes, so only 0 - 9 keys work. (They might be converted into spin box someday.)

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In the previous Scale and rotate filter, all individual functions had keyframe adjustment tracks with wave form visualization. In version 20.11.28 Size Position Rotate. Size and Position are grouped for detailed keyframe adjustment, which then only opens a single one dimensional waveform box rather than detailed waveform windows. Much more limited and cant see the smoothing function visually at all. (not even sure it is smoothing) Hopefully this is just an oversight and the detailed adjustments will be back next version … Please!!

yes, the previous options look like you can slide the x and y offset too, I can’t seem to slide these values at all? the only option is to use a numeric value or use the visual handles (which I can’t see how to constrain any of the axis) hmmm.
I’m pretty new to Shotcut, it’s a good program tho!

These fields have been converted to numeric spinners, and you can use the mouse wheel over them.

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Awesm :smiley: thanks

I dont mind the basic setting for smoothing. But it might be interesting to know if there are more adjustable velocity controls now as shown in the previous version?

Have found the spinners really useful… especially for fine detail moving. I had a thought that it would be cool if there was an option to hold Shift and have the value of the spinners multiply by say x100

It does when you hold Ctrl (or command on macOS), but the increment depends on which field it is, and how it is configured. For example, in Properties > Speed, mouse wheel increments or decrements by 0.1 but with Ctrl by 1.0. However, this does not work in the filter UIs because they use a different widget API than some other parts of the UI, and this widget API does not support that.